Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Caleb's Big Boy Hair Cut!

This weekend we went to Nashville to celebrate our neice, Shelby's, 3rd birthday. The kiddos all got haircuts while we were there. Caleb has the best hair, thick and wavy. I always wanted hair like that. Anyway we have to get it cut about every 4 weeks or it starts to look shaggy. I decided to let Aunt Gabby take the clippers to his hair. This had never been done before. He gets haircuts all the time just not with clippers. This is a big step and takes him from a baby to a big boy look. I know, I know he is going to be 5 in a few months so he isn't a baby. I just haven't wanted to make that "cut" so to speak. Anyway I did and it looks good. It does seem to me that he aged in just a matter of minutes. though nobody else seems to think so! In fact everyone else like it.

Taylor and Madison got their's trimmed also. Next it was my turn. I originally was just going for a trim but decided to cut it all off. I joked with Taylor awhile back about cutting my hair like hers so Saturday I did it. Taylor and I look like twins now.


Sara said...

I like Caleb's hair..he is a handsome man! I understand wanting to perserve the "baby" haircut as long as possible.

Your hair is also very cute! I really like that style of cut.

Ginger said...

Caleb looks adorable no matter what! And I think your hair looks great too. You are SO lucky you have someone to cut your hair for you.
I plan on leaving my boys hair long until they start to protest!