Tuesday, December 27, 2011

UT Men's Basketball Game

The Tuesday before Christmas Caleb had the opportunity to be a ball boy for the UT Men's basketball game. They should be called towel boys instead b/c they never actually touch a ball anymore. Caleb had a great time. We had to be at Thompson Bolin Arena at 5:30 and the game didn't tip off until 7:00. He was able to meet the team and watch them warm-up and he got to meet Smokey! He even got a special shirt to wear though it was more like a dress on him. He was so excited! It was the first game I had ever been too. Matt and I had a really good time watching them play...at first we weren't doing so hot but finally took the lead with about 10 minutes left in the game and ended up winning! Caleb enjoyed all of it and asked if he could do it again! Hope and Chris attended the game too and Chris was able to get some good pictures too...I gotta get their memory card so I can download those pictures.

The team warming-up

Sitting down under the goal waiting to wipe the floor

Wiping up the sweat!

This was his favorite part...getting to use the mop!

Santa made an appearance sporting a beautiful orange suit (he needs to put on a few pounds though)!


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa at Creekside Nursery

Each year we go and visit Santa at Creekside Nursery with the Tomlinson's however this year we went on Saturday with Quinn b/c we wanted to get a picture of all the kids. Madison and Quinn had matching outfits which Madison thought was great. This is always a really good experience and the kids love that Santa has his sleigh and reindeer with him! The owners go to church with us so we normally see lots of people from Laurel. The staff at the nursery serves cookies, hot chocolate and cider...this year they even had hot dogs!

Quinn wasn't the least bit scared

All the kids

Madison telling Santa what she wants

Caleb's turn...he asked for an ipad (insert my laughter) which was better than the baby brother he wanted to ask for (I told him Santa doesn't bring babies or live animals)

And finally my Taylor (wonder how many more yrs she will sit on Santa's lap)

Quinn went home with us afterwards while her parents went to the UT Men's basketball game and dinner. The following picture Caleb took of Quinn clapping while we were riding home and he thought it was "blog worthy" :)