Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Now it is Madison's turn..........

to fall asleep in a weird place/way. Now this position isn't that weird, most mommies and daddies probably have a picture of their child asleep in the highchair but this is a first for us. I don't even think I have one of Taylor or Caleb every falling asleep in the highchair. One night at dinner last week Madison fell asleep. She had been really tired and cranky and I knew she would be going to bed early but I never figured this early! We even got the video camera out to record this. I am going to try and figure out how to post video and get it up b/c it is funny :) We couldn't stop laughing. Now don't call DHS on us b/c we only snapped a few pics and shot a little video before getting her out and putting it in her bed. We aren' that mean but we wanted to have this to show her later in life, every child needs that embarrassing picture for their parents to show to their friends, right?

Monday, April 28, 2008

I survived...barely!

What ever happened to sleeping at a slumber party? I couldn't believe the amount of energy six 8 yr old girls can have! We all had a wonderful time (yes, even I did)on Friday night. The girls were all excited to be here and were full of energy! Every time a new girl would arrive the house would be filled with high pitched squealing. You would think that they hadn't seen each other in years when reality it had only been hours since they had seen each other at school :) Oh to be young and full of energy!

We started the evening by just playing around while everyone arrived. The girls talked about boys, dressed up in all the costumes we have acquired, had a fashion show, etc. The it was time for pizza. I thought they would eat a lot but they didn't. I guess they were too busy. After this we decided to jump into "doing nails" and crafts. We got out the foot bath so each girl could soak her feet. This was a huge hit but I didn't get any pictures of it as I was busy doing the pedicures. They also got manicures. Afterwards we did a few crafts. We had Japanese lanterns and visors to decorate. These were a huge hit!

After this we opened presents and had cake! Actually Taylor didn't want cake she wanted a giant cookie so that is what we had. I didn't get a before picture of it but it was really cute. We made it ourselves. Matt decorated it with flowers and "Happy birthday Taylor" in purple frosting. All the girls loved it. Taylor got lots of good stuff: 2 new webkinz (the green frog and the google), a gift card to justice, $10, and a bracelet making kit.

Then it was off to the movie room for what I thought would be a movie and bedtime. What was I thinking? 2 movies later those girls were still awake!!!!! Finally at 2 AM I went to bed and told them just to keep it down and. I laid in my bed and within 30 minutes there was no more noise coming from the bonus room and I went to sleep! I was woken up at 7 AM to the sound of 6 pairs of feet running through the house. They were awake and hungry. So I feed them a breakfast of milk/juice and donuts! I know, I know not the most wholesome breakfast but I was looking for fast and easy. By 11:00 the last girl had been picked up and I was ready to crash but alas I couldn't b/c I had 2 baby showers to get ready for.

Both baby showers were lots of fun. Nothing like getting together over good food and talking about girl stuff! Plus rejoicing over new babies, and girl babies at that! Lots of pink was involved!

I am looking forward to a slow and relaxing week and weekend. I am glad all Taylor's friends had fun and am mostly glad I survived!

I think I might be too old for slumber parties though :) I was teasing the girls at the party about going to bed at 9 b/c "slumber" meant sleep. She informed me that it meant "party" so it was a party party! She was too funny. She kept saying these funny things all night!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Taylor

Today my baby turned 8! Taylor is such a sweet child who minds. She is the one who with only a look will start doing the right thing (while the other 2 take a "harder" discipline). She is compassionate. She is loving. She is beautiful both inside and out. She is so many things. I had really meant to sit down and think hard about what I wanted to write but didn't do that, too many other things going on today :) I have a journal going for each kids that I write in about once a month sometimes more if there is something important to say and I will write in it lots of stuff. My kiddos will get their journal when they turn 18 and can read how I felt while they were growing up. So I think I will leave the mushy stuff to that journal and leave this post at that. So here is Taylor 8 yrs ago and today! I have better pics of her the day she was born but they are before the "digital age" and therefore packed in boxes in a climate controlled storage unit with all our other belongings (I was not about to go digging for them b/c I wouldn't know where to begin that search). So I am relying on Nana's pictures. The quality of the picture isn't that great b/c I had to take "pics" of the pictures.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

(I know that the pictures aren't arranged too nicely but I don't have alot of time to fix it b/c I am trying to get ready for a slumber party Friday night with six 8 yr olds, pack Madison for a overnight trip to Nana and Pops on Friday night and finish a scrapbook I am making for Amy's baby shower on Saturday afternoon....AARGH! What was I thinking?)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Taylor's eye appointment

Well Tuesday was the big day for Taylor to go see the eye dr. She was really excited and did wonderful. That was the first time she had been to an eye dr. So far her pediatrician has checked her eyes each year and they have been good. We spent about an hour doing all the normal eye tests which included the every popular "which is better, 1 or 2. ok now which is better 2 or 3" as well as a new way of "dilating the eye. They have this cool camera that takes a picture of your eye the way the dr would see it when it is dilated but without putting drops in and actually dilating it. It was really neat getting to see "behind her eye. I couldn't help but smile watching her. She was such a big girl but then she is almost 8 now :) It brought back memories of going to the eye dr when I was little. Here she is sitting in the big chair.

Then the fun started...........she got to pick her frames! She was really set on some colorful frames. She tried on 10-15 different styles and colors before finally settling on a blue pair. I know, you are saying "blue"! I thought the same thing till I saw them on her. They look really good and make her eyes look even more blue than they are. Here is a picture of the ones she picked out.........

This isn't the best picture but it gives an idea. I was too close to her and the sticker (that is that pink "thingy" on her eye) is on the lens still. I wouldn't have put the picture on here since it isn't very good but she wanted me to "blog" about her day and have a picture to post :) They actually look to big on her here but again I think I am too close and it could be the angle also. She should have her glasses by the middle of next week. She is really excited.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bunnies and Bubbles!

We have really been enjoying all the outside play we have been getting. I personally love it b/c it wears the kids out. I mean they go to bed so much easier when we have spent the day outside. This weekend and today we were outside most of the time.

Sunday after church we went home with Aaron, Amy and Clara to spend some time together and for the "men" to tackle some yard work. Caleb and Taylor pitched in and even got a little pay for helping (unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me so I didn't get any pictures). The kids picked up pine cones in the backyard and then were treated to rides on the 4-wheeler. Then they helped dismantle a brick flowerbed and again were treated to a ride in the trailer pulled by the 4-wheeler. They were having a blast. Except Madison who was terrified of the 4-wheeler. She doesn't like anything that makes a loud noise.

Today we played outside in the backyard all day. There was lots of running and "playing". There was also lots of picture opportunities for me! We have a bunny who frequents our yard numerous times a day. He is pretty brave, doesn't seem to be afraid of the kids at all. Today a couple of times he bounded across the yard right by the kids and then would lay down on his belly and chew the grass. He got under a tree one time and Caleb walked right up to him. Caleb was probably only 2-3 feet away from him. He bounded off when Madison ran up. She was trying to feed him some popcorn chicken she was eating. I guess she thought he looked hungry :)

Caleb and Madison enjoyed pushing their cars to the top of the hill and then riding down. They were even kind enough to sit still for a few moments for me to snap a few pictures.

Madison got a bubble bucket last week and it has been a big hit! We had gotten one for Ryan D's birthday and Madison really like it. In fact she thought it was for her so was a little upset when she realized it wasn't staying at her house and she couldn't play with it. It is something all the kids love even if it was originally for her. My kids never liked putting their hands in the bubble solution and with this bucket they don't get any solution on their hands. It has 4 big wands so everyone can blow bubbles at the same time. Today Madison took her bubbles and went and sat on the walking trail that runs by our house. She sat and blew bubbles for about 15 minutes. I got a lot of good pictures of her during this time. She was really cooperating with me. I love her sweet face :)

Caleb was being really sweet, smiling good for my pictures and even letting me take them without saying "mom, no more pictures"! I got this picture of him blowing dandelion seeds everywhere! It was so sweet b/c he was saying his wish as he blew. I guess he thought that was what you did. He wished that his cousins could come live with him. He really likes being with them especially Kelsey and Riley. We are so glad that they are near enough now to be able to plan trips to their house or get them here to visit.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The things kids say!

Caleb is always saying funny things. He has us laughing most of the time. Well tonight at dinner was no exception. There was more than one occasion where we were laughing pretty hard (or chuckling under our breath). Here are the top 2 though...

1. He was listing off the foods he had consumed today. It started like this and these are in no particular order..."I a pop tart, 3 white donuts, 2 pancakes, a piece of pizza, etc. I told him that he sounded like the Very Hungry Caterpillar and I hoped he didn't have a tummy ache later :)

2. He was eating grape tomatoes, which he loves, and after eating about 4 or 5 he stopped and said "mom, I can't eat the rest of my tomatoes b/c they make me dance". After saying this he gave us an example of the type of dancing they made him do. It was too funny not to laugh. Matt told him that if he ate his macaroni after the tomatoes that he would dance b/c the macaroni wraps around the tomatoes therefore eliminating the dancing side-effect. Both Matt and Caleb scored creativity points during this conversation :)

Our conversations are never dull around here. I need to record some of them and try to get them on the blog. I haven't figured out the video aspect of blogspot though. Need to let Matt since that is his thing.

Friday, April 18, 2008

7 Random Things About Me

I was tagged by my friend April, so here goes:

1. This is the first time I have been tagged!

2. I have known my husband, Matt, for 15 yrs of my life and been with him for 13 of them :) We met in 9th grade with lockers next to each other and started dating in 12th grade. He was my partner for a class my senior year and by the time the year was over I was in love :)

3. I had the first boy on my mom's side of the family in 84 yrs. I come from a long line of girls. My grandparents had 2 girls who each had 2 girls who have provided the grandparents with 6 girls. Caleb is the only boy since my grandfather.

4. I have a clothes obsession! I love to shop for my kids (the girls especially) and love to match them. I however don't like to shop for myself :(

5. I had my gallbladder removed while 7 months pregnant with Caleb (consequently this wasn't much fun and he better give me no grief during his teenager years as he caused me enough already :)

6. I have only been to one consignment sale ever, up until last year I was a consignment virgin! Also I have only shopped the day after Thanksgiving sale once. (That ranks as random and stupid. There were some crazy women fighting over stereos and cabbage patch kids. Seriously, if I was going to fight over something (and I am not) it would be something better than that :)

7. I have only flown one time in my life and it was to visit my sister in NY for a week in June of 2001.

And there are 7 random things about me. Enjoy! I am only tagging 2 people since the other people I know have already been tagged so Jennifer and Gabby you have been "tagged"!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Big Girl Bed!

Madison got a new bed Wednesday! She was really excited about a big girl bed. On Monday I was talking to a friend about finally moving Madison out of her crib since she would be turning 3 in June. She really loves her bed so we weren't in a hurry to move her out. She never tried to climb out and bedtime was so easy....give hugs, kisses and lay her down awake. She would go right to sleep by herself. I was afraid to mess up a good thing. My friend told me to check for a toddler bed. I looked Monday, found one that night, emailed the seller and we picked it up on Wednesday.

Madison did so good. We went and bought her a new "Dora sheep" aka Dora sheet. She was thrilled with this purchase. We took down her crib, she got to help with this. After church we came home and she went right to bed. She didn't get up until 7:30 AM Thursday morning. I am so proud of her....such a big girl! Now if we could just get her potty trained :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Do these shoes make my feet look big?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Caleb and Peepaw preparing for BSF

Sunday afternoon Peepaw was preparing for BSF on Monday night. Peepaw does this weekly thing but for some reason Caleb noticed and wanted to join in. He got out a tv tray, his Bible, paper and a pen and got busy with his "BSF". He continued to work on it throughout the day with breaks in between for snacks, "naps" (which were short intervals of shutting ones eyes but not actually sleeping) and of course watching the Master's. It was very sweet to watch him interacting in such a big boy way with Peepaw :)

Hard at work

Taking a much needed break to watch a little of The Masters

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More funny sleeping pics....

This is where I found Caleb asleep on my bed yesterday. Enough said!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

What is Happening to today's youth?

WARNING: The following post is my opinion and mine only. You are welcome to have your own but I just had to address this even though my kids aren't going to be dealing with this for many years, if at all!

Today Taylor was invited to go to the movie (Nims Island) with a friend from school to celebrate the friend's birthday. I go to the mall but don't normally hang around the movie theatre. Upon dropping her off with friend and friend's mom I walked around the mall and did some sight shopping. After that was done I had some time to kill so I sat by the theatre entrance. I was shocked by what I saw! I am not sure what kind of trend is taken place but it is horrible. Everyone was wearing black or some form of black! Kids who couldn't be more then 11, 12, 13 or 14 were walking by with peircings in their eyebrows, noses, lips. What parent allows their child to do this? Looking back I am positive if I had come home expressing intrest in having my face pierced my parents wouldn't have allowed it. Also what is up with guys wearing eyeliner and painting their nails black? I have to say the experience was scaring. Who is watching and allowing these kids to express themselves in this manner? I thought that the big hair and funky clothes (parachute pants, etc) we wore was bad but boy it was tame compared to kids these days.

I can say with great conviction that my kids will not be allowed to pierce their face, Caleb may not paint his nails or wear my eyeliner, and they will not be allowed to hang out with people who do. I understand that children must be preative but I just wonder how much surpivision these kids have who are allowed to make decisions like these at such a young age.

Like I stated in my warning, these are my opinions and you don't have to agree. I just wonder what is happening to the youth of today. I heard a slogan on the Kids Choice Awards that was "we are the future and the future is ours", this was being yelled by kids in the audience. If these kids I saw today are our future, I am a little scared. I am ready for some feedback. I want to hear others opinions. I want to know what you think about this new trend?

Friday, April 4, 2008

Glasses for Taylor

For the past few weeks Taylor has complained about the words on the board at school being blurry. It wasn't an everyday complaint so I didn't give it much thought except to remember to mention it at her 8 yr check-up on the 1st of May. Then yesterday she came home with a note from her teacher stating that "Taylor was still complaining about the words being blurry and she was sitting at the front of the class". I was a little concerned then and called the dr to see if I should make an appointment with our eye dr or just let him do the evaluation and go from there. They had an opening that afternoon and said just bring her in and they would do a quick eye exam and then make a decision. Good thing we went, Taylor did great on seeing things far away 20/20 but on things close she was 20/100. I knew that wasn't good. Her dr said he thought she could just see our eye dr (who is Dorian Lane) if he saw kids. He does see kids and she is going to be seeing him on April 22nd. She isn't nervous at all, really sorta excited about glasses! She was wanting to know about the different types of frames and could she get purple? I told her I thought we might try something a little tamer than purple as glasses aren't something you replace too often and she might not want purple in a year or 2. It looks like she will only need to wear them when reading hopefully. Anyway I am glad I called and didn't wait another month to see her dr.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fallen Tree

The kids (well the the older 2 at least) love to drive through our old neighborhood and see "their house". We go through at least once a week per their pleading. This past week Matt cut through after taking Caleb to school and saw this:

He didn't have the kids or the camera so we had to go through again later to show them. They were totally enthralled with it. Caleb's first words were "totally cool". I am not sure where he heard this phrase, sounds like something straight out of the 80's or 90's. He thought it would be so cool to climb on it. They really were amazed by the the roots that were still attached to dirt. The owners haven't been very fast in getting it cut up and removed so we drive by it almost everyday. This morning when I drove by it had been cut up and the removal process started. The kids will be very disappointed :( Here are a few more pictures of it. This house was a few streets over from ours so we didn't know these neighbors but I wish we had. I would have liked to have placed the kids be the roots/dirt and taken their picture. (I didn't think it was appropriate to ring the doorbell and ask if I could do that :)