Monday, April 14, 2008

Caleb and Peepaw preparing for BSF

Sunday afternoon Peepaw was preparing for BSF on Monday night. Peepaw does this weekly thing but for some reason Caleb noticed and wanted to join in. He got out a tv tray, his Bible, paper and a pen and got busy with his "BSF". He continued to work on it throughout the day with breaks in between for snacks, "naps" (which were short intervals of shutting ones eyes but not actually sleeping) and of course watching the Master's. It was very sweet to watch him interacting in such a big boy way with Peepaw :)

Hard at work

Taking a much needed break to watch a little of The Masters


Cindy Taylor said...

Cute...but what's BSF?

JenniferL. said...

I am glad I am not the only one who wondered that. I got Bible Study but cannot think of what the F would be.

aytes5 said...

Bible Study Fellowship. I know Laurel isn't involved with this but lots of other churches are, First Baptist Concord, Cedar Springs, Cokesbury, etc. I am thinking about signing up for one next year since Madison will be in school some. I have heard they are really good!

April said...

I, too, have heard wonderful things about BSF...but never been to one! Caleb's involvement and imitating Peepaw is very sweet. It is amazing how much children learn simply by watching...even when we are not aware they are watching...!