Friday, April 4, 2008

Glasses for Taylor

For the past few weeks Taylor has complained about the words on the board at school being blurry. It wasn't an everyday complaint so I didn't give it much thought except to remember to mention it at her 8 yr check-up on the 1st of May. Then yesterday she came home with a note from her teacher stating that "Taylor was still complaining about the words being blurry and she was sitting at the front of the class". I was a little concerned then and called the dr to see if I should make an appointment with our eye dr or just let him do the evaluation and go from there. They had an opening that afternoon and said just bring her in and they would do a quick eye exam and then make a decision. Good thing we went, Taylor did great on seeing things far away 20/20 but on things close she was 20/100. I knew that wasn't good. Her dr said he thought she could just see our eye dr (who is Dorian Lane) if he saw kids. He does see kids and she is going to be seeing him on April 22nd. She isn't nervous at all, really sorta excited about glasses! She was wanting to know about the different types of frames and could she get purple? I told her I thought we might try something a little tamer than purple as glasses aren't something you replace too often and she might not want purple in a year or 2. It looks like she will only need to wear them when reading hopefully. Anyway I am glad I called and didn't wait another month to see her dr.


April said...

I'm glad you didn't wait, too! Taylor will be adorable with glasses, as she is a beautiful girl. I'm sure she will be very thankful to be able to see things clearly as she reads, too!

JenniferL. said...

I have got to take Kaitlyn to the eye doctor too. I am sure she needs glasses as well. John and I both have them so both my children are pretty much doomed for that.