Saturday, April 19, 2008

The things kids say!

Caleb is always saying funny things. He has us laughing most of the time. Well tonight at dinner was no exception. There was more than one occasion where we were laughing pretty hard (or chuckling under our breath). Here are the top 2 though...

1. He was listing off the foods he had consumed today. It started like this and these are in no particular order..."I a pop tart, 3 white donuts, 2 pancakes, a piece of pizza, etc. I told him that he sounded like the Very Hungry Caterpillar and I hoped he didn't have a tummy ache later :)

2. He was eating grape tomatoes, which he loves, and after eating about 4 or 5 he stopped and said "mom, I can't eat the rest of my tomatoes b/c they make me dance". After saying this he gave us an example of the type of dancing they made him do. It was too funny not to laugh. Matt told him that if he ate his macaroni after the tomatoes that he would dance b/c the macaroni wraps around the tomatoes therefore eliminating the dancing side-effect. Both Matt and Caleb scored creativity points during this conversation :)

Our conversations are never dull around here. I need to record some of them and try to get them on the blog. I haven't figured out the video aspect of blogspot though. Need to let Matt since that is his thing.


Gabby said...

LOL! I think that is why him and Riley get along so well b/c they both are so goofy and they make each other laugh no matter what they say! We all have to have at least one or two comedians in the family. :)