Sunday, March 30, 2008

What a rough week!

We had a rough week with Caleb this past week. We are having lots of issues with listening the first time. Lately it has gotten to where we are giving him numerous chances and telling him over and over to do something. Normally it ends with a spanking. I feel bad b/c I think he got one everyday this week :( That makes me sad. I remember my mom/dad saying "this hurts me worse than it hurts you" before they spanked me. I always thought, "now that is dumb, of course this hurts me worse I'm the one getting the spanking!" I understand now what they meant. We only reserve spanking for direct disobedience or something where they can get hurt, like running into the street. But the direct disobedience is Caleb's main thing right now. Also when he is sent to his room he has gotten to where he slams the door and just has a major attitude. (I sometimes think he isn't turning 5 in May but 16)

Friday night he was to spend the night with Pops and Nana (my parents) and before it was time to go he had gotten an attitude after he was told at least a half dozen times to do something that I lost my control sorta. I just had it with that and he got a spanking. He cried so hard. I sent Taylor back to check on him (I didn't know he was asleep, just thought he had quit crying). She came back and told me I had to go look at him b/c he had fallen asleep. This is what I found:

He had cried himself to sleep and I couldn't help but feel a little bad. I know that we have to discipline him but sometimes I wish we didn't have too. Especially b/c I know how sweet and helpful he can be. For example tonight he helped with dinner. He loves to this and is helpful most of the time. Okay he is helpful all the time just sometimes makes more of a mess than I would. Anyway tonight he cut up the onions and peppers for quesadillas. Yes he used a sharp knife but he was closely supervised. He always wears his chef hat and apron when he cooks. He says he is going to be a chef when he grows up. Oh yeah and a dad :) Sometimes he throws other occupations in but always a chef and a dad :) Anyway here he is being good and helpful and sweet.

And here is what Madison did this week! What she always does. During church Sunday morning she was lining her princess's and little people on the arm of the pew. However she was being quiet, well at least for a few minutes. She has a hard time b/c she tried to have conversations between her "little people". This is common no matter where she is. Her animals and babies have "conversations" with one another where she of course is doing both sides of the conversation. I wish that I knew what she was saying to them. She is such a joy.

I am going to miss her next year when she is in preschool, if she goes. We have her enrolled but am not betting any money on her staying without a fight. She is a little attached to me. She won't even spend the night with Grandparents anymore. She used to would but about 9 months ago started crying whenever I would leave. Even with Matt. It got to wear I would sneak out the back door and leave that way so she wouldn't see me. Oh she still cried but it was delayed for a little while at least. So we have enrolled her and I pray that she will go and have a great time. She is going to need it next year with Caleb going to kindergarten. She will be lost I am afraid. Her and Caleb are really close and play so well together. So we will see what happens in August. There will be many tears I am certain, probably on both our parts. It is going to be hard to be away from her.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Egg Hunt at Grandmothers

I took so many pictures at my Grandmother's house during Spring Break that I am just getting around to converting them (I took them in the RAW image so the have to be converted after they are downloaded. Since that is done one by one it takes some time, and yeah for Matt b/c he actually did it as I still hadn't had the time to sit and do it) These are some of my favorites!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


my hands are cold!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Caleb's girls!

My mother-in-law took Caleb to school yesterday since she had to go in for her radiation treatment. She takes him alot of mornings which I absolutely love since it means not having to get Madison up and dressed. He had a really hard time after being off a week. He didn't really want to go but we got him ready and off they went. When she got home later that morning she was telling me the funniest thing. She was carrying Caleb from the car to the door when all of the sudden he said "Nana put me down I want to walk." She was a little surprised as he always wants her to carry him. He legs mysteriously stop working sometimes :) Anyway she put him down and then was looking around and noticed these twin girls in his class were coming in with their mom. She kinda put 2 and 2 together and figured he didn't want them to see him. When he got home from school I asked him about it and he informed me that he didn't want them to see him being carried b/c he didn't want them to think he was a baby. My little man is already trying to impress the ladies. I thought girls had "cootie" at this age but Caleb either doesn't realize this or he doesn't think that.

After I picked him up from school we ran over to Joann's to return something and ran into his teacher there. She was telling me about another little girl in his class who he likes. She was telling that the week before Spring Break he had come up to her and asked her if she would sit this little girl next to him at lunch. His teacher did then and again yesterday. She said it was so sweet when he asked if he could sit next to this little girl. Obviously my little man can't make up his mind as to which girl he likes so he is just going to like them all! I do approve of all of his choices so far. Luckily I don't think we have to worry to much about this phase of his life for many years which is good b/c I am not ready for that.

Tired of Winter

Tuesday morning Taylor had to get up early after sleeping in for over a week. She wasn't excited about that but was excited to see her friends. While she was eating breakfast we were talking about that she only has about 8 weeks of school left. She said "that doesn't seem like long mom" to which I thought "oh it seems like an eternity to me". I am tired of getting up at 6:30. It is too early for me so I know it is too early for a soon to be 8 yr old! Normally my kids are later sleepers so on saturdays and "no school days" we normally sleep until 9:30 or 10:00. My kids have always gone to bed a little later than most but it pays off when they sleep in b/c that means I get to sleep in. I love sleeping in :) Anyway after talking a few more minutes I informed her that during that 8 weeks there would be no days off. Normally Knox County has at least 1 monday or friday out a month for in-service. However there are none this next 8 weeks. (that wasn't good planning on someone's part, I mean come on spread out the days so we have some at the end) Anyway I made an executive decision as a mom that if I feel like she needs a break I will let her stay home and rest. They can miss 5 days a year without a dr's note.

Anyway I have digressed from the title of my post. When Taylor and I walked out to the car to go to school at 7:10 it was 29 degrees. It was cold. Kinda went with the snow we had on monday. It never stuck out here but really came down hard off and on. Anyway Taylor looked at me and said "I am tired of winter", I am tired of the cold, and I am ready for summer!" Me too, sister, me too! I think the recent warm weather days have teased us a little and made us remember the warm weather therefore making us yearn for it even more. Hopefully Spring weather will be here soon and we can enjoy the sun on our face and running barefoot in the grass :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Easter Bunny Came to Our House

Easter Sunday this year was not typical for us. Yes, the Easter Bunny visited us and left the kiddos goodies, which they loved. We couldn't convince Madison that Santa didn't come. She showed off her loot to both sets of grandparents happily exclaiming "Santa Claus brought me this!" It was too funny.

The kids enjoyed their Easter baskets both from the "bunny" and Nana and Pops. Their favorites from the "bunny" were their new beach towels, battery operated toothbrushes, and sidewalk chalk with tools. We haven't tried out the new sidewalk tools and chalk but maybe it will warm up this week and we can. We didn't have an egg hunt which we always do. It was too cold for them. The wind was really windy. We did however get a few pics outside.

We decided not to have Easter lunch with our family. Instead we had lunch with our friends Amy, Aaron, and Clara. Then that evening we had Easter dinner with our family. It consisted of homemade bar-b-que. Yummy! It was a different kind of Easter for us but was a very nice one. Hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter too!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Taylor's 1st time on the ice

I will have to do a Spring Break post later. So much has happened and I must upload pictures still. When we got back from a quick trip to West TN we were very busy getting as much time in playing with cousins! Matt brother, his wife and their 5 kids came for the whole week. Taylor and Caleb couldn't wait to get back home and play with them. They enjoying seeing their great grandparents but were thrilled to see their cousins.

On Thursday my sister-in-law, Gabby, and I took the 3 oldest kids ice skating. They were the only ones really interested in doing it. We knew the smaller ones wouldn't have any fun b/c they wouldn't be able to stay up and it would be cold. Taylor had never been on ice skates, in fact she has never been roller skating either. Corey and Haley both have been ice skating before. The ice skating arena in Farragut has public skate sessions. They have a day time slot where it is only $6 for 2 hours of skating and the skate rental fee is waived during this session. If you go at night it is a little more plus you have to pay the $3.50 skate rental fee. I was so proud of Taylor. Sometimes if she can't do something right away she gives up. She didn't this time. She kept falling but would get right up and try again. Corey and Haley were great about skating with her some. At the end Corey got her out in the middle of the rink and she was "gliding" by herself :) I am so proud of my big girl! We will try this again.

There are no pictures of me ice skating b/c I didn't try. I have done it before but it has been a looong time ago. The kids tried to talk me into it but my sister-in-law had a camera and I wanted no evidence of me laying on my butt in the middle of the ice. And she would have not passed up that photo option :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Enjoying the Beautiful Weather

Thursday here was gorgeous. We spent alot of it outside. Madison got to enjoy it the most b/c she wasn't in school. Caleb joined us when he got home and then Taylor played played when she arrived. Taylor has mastered the jump rope and was showing off her new skills yesterday for everyone. I didn't get any pics of this new skill. I will have to make sure and get a picture next time. Actually I didn't get any pics of Taylor. I had taken the camera in by the time Taylor got home. My mom and dad picked her up from school and then went to Panera for bagels!

Caleb learned to climb a tree. I was busy playing with Madison when Caleb called me and I turned around to find him about 6 ft off the ground in a tree. He was so proud of himself! (To be honest I was too! That is a rite of passage from baby to boy) Here he is showing off his new skill :)

He also enjoyed hitting his golf club and playing his guitar and singing for everyone!

(Anyone know where to take guitar lesson in Knoxville? Caleb has been asking for awhile now)

Madison hasn't learned any new skills lately to brag about. She enjoyed riding her car and stroller her baby in the grocery cart. She was enjoying some jelly beans too. She loves jelly beans :) Matt kept saying that she was going to be up all night b/c of the amount of sugar she consumed yesterday. (For those wondering she went right to bed as usual and was asleep in 5 minutes)

Uncontrollable curls :)

Yummy jelly beans!

The kids got to enjoy seeing Paula. This is Matt's twin brother's mother-in-law. She lives in Cookeville but came through Knoxville yesterday. She brought the kids a dz Krispy Kreme donuts! To say they loved her is an understatement. They love Krispy Kreme but we hardly go there since it isn't near the house.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Am A Princess

I had to share this sweet conversation I had with Caleb. Caleb, myself and NaNa(Matt's mom) were sitting at the table having lunch wednesday and talking about nothing in particular when Caleb made my day. The conversation went like this:

Caleb: I miss my buddies
Me: Who are your buddies
Caleb: Well Daddy is my big buddy
Me: oh
Caleb: Kelsey and Riley are my little buddies
Me: What am I?
Caleb: Mom, you are my princess (This was said with the sweetest smile on his face and followed with a big hug and kiss)

He knows how to melt my heart! Caleb is all boy and some days can be so frustrating b/c he has so much energy and really needs to be able to release it. Some days I don't have much patience with him and it seems like I am always correcting him. Then he goes and says something like this that makes all the bad days worth it :)

Caleb, You are such a joy to be around. You find enjoyment in small things. You are a wonderful cuddlier and I love feeling you crawl in bed and snuggle up to me. You are my personal little heater. I love it when you tell me that "I will always be your princess". You are so passionate about everything you do. You proudly stand up for your baby sister and hate to see her in trouble. You are sensitive and caring. I feel in love with you the moment I held you for the first time and have enjoyed being your mommy. I am glad that God chose me as your mommy! I can't wait to see what a fine man you grow up to be. I love you!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Laurel Easter Egg Hunt

Our church had their Easter Dinner and Egg Hunt today. It was kinda early but Easter comes early this year. Next weekend starts our Spring Break so it couldn't be done that weekend. Anyway it turned out great even though it was too cold to hunt outside (we did it inside in the Youth room and college age classroom). The kids don't care where they hunt as long as the outcome is the same....CANDY! The dinner was good too...ham, green beans, corn, rolls and mashed potatoes. Oh yeah, don't forget the wonderful dessert that everyone brought. I didn't try them all b/c I am really trying to lose weight but the bird's nest Ginger and the brownies with toffee in them that Amy made were fabulous :)

Matt had to leave after church and go to the office for awhile so he didn't get to enjoy lunch and the egg hunt. Therefore I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted to. Caleb and Madison hunted together but Taylor was in a different age group and I sorta missed her hunt. I did get an after picture with the loot she had found! They had a great time and Caleb was upset when it was over :( He wanted to hunt more! Guess we are going to have to hunt here at home on a warm day.

Taylor's favorite egg she found!

Madison did a great job hunting too :)

Caleb was sad because it was over.

Sweet Clara in the background

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's A GIRL!!

I am so excited. We just found out last night that Matt's twin brother and his wife are going to have a baby girl. They are due in July and will be arriving home from China in May and will be here in the US until October. We are excited that we are going to get to be a part of this exciting time. This is their first baby. This makes the 11th grandchild for Matt's parents with the girls winning. This makes 7 girls and only 4 boys.

The kids really enjoyed the beautiful weather yesterday. They all played in the backyard most of the afternoon. Sadly there are no pictures as Matt was in charge since I had to go to the dentist. One crown and filling down, 1 more crown and filling to go! I am excited that the end is near :) After Taylor got home from school we played some more in the backyard before Matt took Caleb and Taylor down to the park at the end of our street with our kite. They had a great time. Again there are no pictures of this b/c I didn't go with them. I got to go to Bunko. That was so much fun. The food was great! We had an Easter Dinner theme which consisted of pot roast, glazed baby carrots, new potatoes with rosemary. For dessert we had banana split cake :) As Rachel Ray would say, "Yum-O". I rolled 3 Big Bunko's and won the Big Bunko Prize. It was a pretty ceramic Easter basket with decorative hanging eggs in it (those are the eggs you can hang from your trees outside). Anyway it was a great time. I live for the first Monday of the month :)