Saturday, March 22, 2008

Taylor's 1st time on the ice

I will have to do a Spring Break post later. So much has happened and I must upload pictures still. When we got back from a quick trip to West TN we were very busy getting as much time in playing with cousins! Matt brother, his wife and their 5 kids came for the whole week. Taylor and Caleb couldn't wait to get back home and play with them. They enjoying seeing their great grandparents but were thrilled to see their cousins.

On Thursday my sister-in-law, Gabby, and I took the 3 oldest kids ice skating. They were the only ones really interested in doing it. We knew the smaller ones wouldn't have any fun b/c they wouldn't be able to stay up and it would be cold. Taylor had never been on ice skates, in fact she has never been roller skating either. Corey and Haley both have been ice skating before. The ice skating arena in Farragut has public skate sessions. They have a day time slot where it is only $6 for 2 hours of skating and the skate rental fee is waived during this session. If you go at night it is a little more plus you have to pay the $3.50 skate rental fee. I was so proud of Taylor. Sometimes if she can't do something right away she gives up. She didn't this time. She kept falling but would get right up and try again. Corey and Haley were great about skating with her some. At the end Corey got her out in the middle of the rink and she was "gliding" by herself :) I am so proud of my big girl! We will try this again.

There are no pictures of me ice skating b/c I didn't try. I have done it before but it has been a looong time ago. The kids tried to talk me into it but my sister-in-law had a camera and I wanted no evidence of me laying on my butt in the middle of the ice. And she would have not passed up that photo option :)