Sunday, March 9, 2008

Laurel Easter Egg Hunt

Our church had their Easter Dinner and Egg Hunt today. It was kinda early but Easter comes early this year. Next weekend starts our Spring Break so it couldn't be done that weekend. Anyway it turned out great even though it was too cold to hunt outside (we did it inside in the Youth room and college age classroom). The kids don't care where they hunt as long as the outcome is the same....CANDY! The dinner was good too...ham, green beans, corn, rolls and mashed potatoes. Oh yeah, don't forget the wonderful dessert that everyone brought. I didn't try them all b/c I am really trying to lose weight but the bird's nest Ginger and the brownies with toffee in them that Amy made were fabulous :)

Matt had to leave after church and go to the office for awhile so he didn't get to enjoy lunch and the egg hunt. Therefore I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted to. Caleb and Madison hunted together but Taylor was in a different age group and I sorta missed her hunt. I did get an after picture with the loot she had found! They had a great time and Caleb was upset when it was over :( He wanted to hunt more! Guess we are going to have to hunt here at home on a warm day.

Taylor's favorite egg she found!

Madison did a great job hunting too :)

Caleb was sad because it was over.

Sweet Clara in the background


Cindy Taylor said...

I couldn't help but laugh when I saw that shot of Caleb...poor guy. He was so distraught!! He's hilarious. Hope he got over it once he realized there was stuff inside the eggs!

Ginger said...

LOVE the picture of Caleb. Easter egg hunts can be SO emotional!!

Sara said...

I always enjoy seeing your children in their color coordinated matching outfits!! It was a fun time.

Paula Jennings said...

Holly - they are sooo cute.
The girls were 3 in Nov. It goes by so fast...