Sunday, March 30, 2008

What a rough week!

We had a rough week with Caleb this past week. We are having lots of issues with listening the first time. Lately it has gotten to where we are giving him numerous chances and telling him over and over to do something. Normally it ends with a spanking. I feel bad b/c I think he got one everyday this week :( That makes me sad. I remember my mom/dad saying "this hurts me worse than it hurts you" before they spanked me. I always thought, "now that is dumb, of course this hurts me worse I'm the one getting the spanking!" I understand now what they meant. We only reserve spanking for direct disobedience or something where they can get hurt, like running into the street. But the direct disobedience is Caleb's main thing right now. Also when he is sent to his room he has gotten to where he slams the door and just has a major attitude. (I sometimes think he isn't turning 5 in May but 16)

Friday night he was to spend the night with Pops and Nana (my parents) and before it was time to go he had gotten an attitude after he was told at least a half dozen times to do something that I lost my control sorta. I just had it with that and he got a spanking. He cried so hard. I sent Taylor back to check on him (I didn't know he was asleep, just thought he had quit crying). She came back and told me I had to go look at him b/c he had fallen asleep. This is what I found:

He had cried himself to sleep and I couldn't help but feel a little bad. I know that we have to discipline him but sometimes I wish we didn't have too. Especially b/c I know how sweet and helpful he can be. For example tonight he helped with dinner. He loves to this and is helpful most of the time. Okay he is helpful all the time just sometimes makes more of a mess than I would. Anyway tonight he cut up the onions and peppers for quesadillas. Yes he used a sharp knife but he was closely supervised. He always wears his chef hat and apron when he cooks. He says he is going to be a chef when he grows up. Oh yeah and a dad :) Sometimes he throws other occupations in but always a chef and a dad :) Anyway here he is being good and helpful and sweet.

And here is what Madison did this week! What she always does. During church Sunday morning she was lining her princess's and little people on the arm of the pew. However she was being quiet, well at least for a few minutes. She has a hard time b/c she tried to have conversations between her "little people". This is common no matter where she is. Her animals and babies have "conversations" with one another where she of course is doing both sides of the conversation. I wish that I knew what she was saying to them. She is such a joy.

I am going to miss her next year when she is in preschool, if she goes. We have her enrolled but am not betting any money on her staying without a fight. She is a little attached to me. She won't even spend the night with Grandparents anymore. She used to would but about 9 months ago started crying whenever I would leave. Even with Matt. It got to wear I would sneak out the back door and leave that way so she wouldn't see me. Oh she still cried but it was delayed for a little while at least. So we have enrolled her and I pray that she will go and have a great time. She is going to need it next year with Caleb going to kindergarten. She will be lost I am afraid. Her and Caleb are really close and play so well together. So we will see what happens in August. There will be many tears I am certain, probably on both our parts. It is going to be hard to be away from her.


JenniferL. said...

Kyle lines his cars up on the pews but makes the vroom noise with them so it is not a quiet activity either.

Sara said...

I had a similar situation last week with Laura. She fell asleep in her bed awaiting her spanking. So then of course I felt too bad to give her one when she woke up!

Hope your week is smoother with Caleb.

Ginger said...

We have that same problem with Will. Usually he is so good, but sometimes he keeps doing the same thing over and over after I've asked him to stop many times. So frustrating. I had to get on to him this morning before school and I hate to send him off to school like that. It makes me sad.

That is funny that Caleb fell asleep like that. He must have been really really tired!!

April said...

What a crazy sleeping position! Sorry about the rough day. Hope the next ones are better!

Cindy Taylor said...

At this age, you can almost see their little minds struggling for independence, can't you?! That picture of Caleb asleep is priceless. Stick with it, Holly. Remember...consistency is the key!!