Thursday, February 27, 2014

High School

Yesterday Taylor picked her classes for her Freshman year of high school. I can't believe this time is here. It doesn't seem possible that she is going to be in high school. It is very overwhelming for this momma! Just looking at her schedule (honors English 1, honors geometry, ap human geography, biology, acting 1, german, wellness, health science and ROTC) gives me a mild panic attack! She on the other hand is totally calm. I couldn't help but think that some of these courses are things I took as a upper level high school student (a foreign language) or even once I got to college (speech).

Tonight we spent 3 hrs at the high school signing up for extra-circular activities and see where everything is. It is a huge school. It is a nice school. It is an overwhelming school. My girl doesn't seem intimidated by any of it (she very well may but she definitely isn't showing it).

ROTC is the thing she is most excited about. Lots of people support her on this and quite a few are very opposed to her doing this. Her heart is set though. She would like to participate in it all 4 years so she can get scholarships. This child has a very good head on her shoulders. I know when I was entering my freshman year I wasn't thinking about college at all! Her plans include some type of medical area so all of her electives are geared that way. It's so crazy to think about her thinking about college.

I know she is going to do great but this momma is stressing out just a little!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hello Blog, Sorry I've neglected you :(

Life has been crazy! We are so busy! Matt is working in Memphis until at least April and possibly through November...thank you USAF! He has been there since the beginning of November. He is loving doing what the military trained him to do and for that I am grateful! The kids and I miss him terribly. Luckily he was home for a few days at Thanksgiving. He also came home for 2 weeks at Christmas/New Years....thank you military leave! It was heavenly. The kids stayed up way past their bedtime the entire 2 weeks...they watched way more tv than they are supposed to, they played more Wii than they are supposed to, they ate more junk/drank more coke than they are supposed to....and it was totally worth it! We will go down to Memphis in 2 weeks and see him. The plan is to alternate the traveling...he comes home one month and the next month we go down there. One weekend a month isn't really enough but will have to do for now.