Saturday, May 30, 2009

Madison's Last Day of Preschool

Madison has been done with preschool for a few weeks but I am so behind in blogging that I am just now getting around to it.

I dreaded her going to preschool b/c she has always been very attached to me. She used to go to her grandparent's house for the day and even spend the night but sometime around 2 that all changed. She didn't even want me to go to the store without her. I thought school would be good for her so we signed her up. I thought that there would be many tears (there were with Caleb) but boy was I wrong! She loved it from the very 1st day. She couldn't wait to go to school each day and was sad when she realized she couldn't go every day.

She had the most wonderful teachers (all the teachers are good at her preschool, we can't say enough good things about the school she is in). They always bragged on how sweet she was to the other children and about how she followed directions ( this the same kid!).

Her last day they had a pizza party and sang some of the songs they had learned through the year. Madison loves to sing so this was right up her alley! Her favorite song was "Peanut Butter". She would smile so big and get so tickled while singing it....we get to hear it daily now that she is home for the summer :)

Enjoying some pizza

Her wonderful teachers Mrs Ashe and Mrs Dunaway

Madison's silly face

Singing and dancing to her favorite song "Peanut Butter"

I was sad to see this year end as it means she only has 1 more year of preschool and then it is off to Kindergarten :( I enjoyed seeing how much she matured over the school year and how much joy she got from school. I can't wait to see what the next school year has in store for her!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dogwood Arts Festival

Last month we attended the Dogwood Arts Festival downtown. We had never been before and really enjoyed it. Taylor got sick that weekend and I never got around to blogging about it. Then life got busy and I blogged about other things and totally forgot about it. This past weekend Taylor and I went to the Farmer's Market downtown and I remembered that I hadn't blogged yet so here are some pictures from our day. They had food vendors, crafts, and these sidewalk drawings. This was the first year for the sidewalk drawings and you were able to vote for your favorite one. The winner got a monetary prize.

Madison checking out the water

Caleb hopped up on this rock and said "Dad, take my picture" :)

Some of the sidewalk chalk drawings

This was our favorite and the one we voted for.

Alligator anyone?

Chocolate covered cheesecake and strawberries...yummy!

Me and Madison enjoying a funnel cake :)

Caleb and Matt

Madison, Caleb and Nana

I got a henna tattoo

Caleb making ink art using hand carved rubber stamps

Madison making was pink of course

Showing off the finished products :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Caleb's Field Day

Caleb's field day was moved inside due to all the rain we have had lately. It was different having a field day inside the gym. Because there are so many kindergartens they had to do field day in 2 separate groups. Caleb's class was in the second group. He was so happy to see that Matt, Madison and I had all shown up to enjoy the day with him. We even ended up staying and having lunch with him. He was grinning from ear to ear. I love it when my kids are happy :)

Realizing we were there :)

Getting ready to be tagged in the race

And he is off!

Here is the school's mascot...his name is Finley (he is a dolphin)

They were chanting "Finley, Finley"

Caleb participating in the sack hop...I love the look on his face :)

and down he goes

and back up again

and down again. He was laughing so hard he couldn't do this very well

Getting ready for the "2 headed monster race"

It was so much fun watching him participate in his very 1st Field Day and we look forward to many more :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy Birthday Party Weekend Part 2- Caleb's 6th Birthday Party

On Saturday morning (a few weeks ago) we celebrated Caleb's birthday with a bowling party. Caleb was so excited...he literally hopped out of bed and was dressed with absolutely no threatening, I mean coaxing :) He was able to invite 6 friends to his party (I didn't let him invite as many as Taylor b/c I figured 5 yr olds would require a little more work than 9 yr olds and I was right)! It was lots of fun though.

Caleb before anyone got there

Caleb and his "girlfriend" Mara

Caleb's friend Will bowling (he was really good)

Caleb bowling

Everyone eating pizza

Opening gifts!

Caleb participating in the dance contest :)

Receiving his bowling pin

Mara signing his bowling pin

Will signing the pin

Friday, May 15, 2009

Busy Birthday Party Weekend Part 1-Taylor's party

Last weekend we were super busy! We had Taylor's birthday party on Friday night, Caleb's on Saturday morning and then we had Carter's to attend on Saturday afternoon. We were exhausted by Saturday afternoon. It was such a wonderful weekend and we had so much fun celebrating our kiddos birthdays. then we got to celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday. I took no pictures of any of Sunday's activities :(

Taylor wanted a bowling party and we were more than happy to oblige as we hadn't done a bowling party before and she had only been invited to one so far. We had nine 9 year old's on Friday evening and they really enjoyed themselves.

The girls getting started

Then the black lights were turned on and the fun really started

The birthday girl watching all the fun

Taylor bowling!

Checking out their raffle tickets

Getting ready to blow out her candles

Opening presents

Getting her real bowling pin that everyone got to sign

The whole gang