Friday, May 15, 2009

Busy Birthday Party Weekend Part 1-Taylor's party

Last weekend we were super busy! We had Taylor's birthday party on Friday night, Caleb's on Saturday morning and then we had Carter's to attend on Saturday afternoon. We were exhausted by Saturday afternoon. It was such a wonderful weekend and we had so much fun celebrating our kiddos birthdays. then we got to celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday. I took no pictures of any of Sunday's activities :(

Taylor wanted a bowling party and we were more than happy to oblige as we hadn't done a bowling party before and she had only been invited to one so far. We had nine 9 year old's on Friday evening and they really enjoyed themselves.

The girls getting started

Then the black lights were turned on and the fun really started

The birthday girl watching all the fun

Taylor bowling!

Checking out their raffle tickets

Getting ready to blow out her candles

Opening presents

Getting her real bowling pin that everyone got to sign

The whole gang


Cindy said...

I love that last shot of all the girls with their bowling balls! Great one!