Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy Birthday Party Weekend Part 2- Caleb's 6th Birthday Party

On Saturday morning (a few weeks ago) we celebrated Caleb's birthday with a bowling party. Caleb was so excited...he literally hopped out of bed and was dressed with absolutely no threatening, I mean coaxing :) He was able to invite 6 friends to his party (I didn't let him invite as many as Taylor b/c I figured 5 yr olds would require a little more work than 9 yr olds and I was right)! It was lots of fun though.

Caleb before anyone got there

Caleb and his "girlfriend" Mara

Caleb's friend Will bowling (he was really good)

Caleb bowling

Everyone eating pizza

Opening gifts!

Caleb participating in the dance contest :)

Receiving his bowling pin

Mara signing his bowling pin

Will signing the pin


April said...

It looks like the party weekend was a lot of fun for everyone!

Cindy said...

I'm sure 6 Kindergarteners were a handful especially at the bowling alley! We haven't had a party that included inviting friends with our girls yet. I'm sure that will come very soon. Looks like Caleb had a great birthday celebration. He's quite a charming little fellow!

Cindy said...

Will had a blast at Caleb's party! It really was a fun time. Glad Caleb enjoyed it so much!

Allison said...

How fun!! This post made me want to plan a bowling outing. Haven't been in forever and it's so much fun!!