Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More baby birds

We just had our 3rd nest hatch a few days ago. From what we can tell there are 3 babies in this one. We didn't get any pictures of just the eggs because after we noticed the nest the first time and looked there was only 1 small robin's egg. We checked a few more times but still only the 1 egg. We finally quit looking thinking the mother had either been caught or abandoned the nest. Guess she was just waiting to lay her other eggs. We should be able to tell more in a few days when they get a little bigger.

Our 1st nest had been built in a ficas tree we had temporarily moved onto the porch for a few days. About 2 weeks ago our front porch became the scene of a massacre. We woke up one morning to find the ficas tree knocked over and the birds (all but some feathers) missing! They were only a week old. We had noticed an huge orange cat stalking around the house but never thought he could knock over the tree. The kids were sad (and mad at that cat).

This was those babies a few days before the massacre

Our 2nd nest was much higher (over the lights on either side of the garage) so they were safe. This nest is now empty as the babies have flown.

The 3rd nest is safe as it is above the gutter at our back door. The garbage can is kept there but we have moved it so the cat can't use it as a tool to reach these babies.

We have really enjoyed all these baby birds around the house. They are quite loud at feeding time especially when there are alot of them :)


Ginger said...

Did you see my FB status yesterday? I had to rescue 2 of our baby robins out of our pond! We have had a nest on our back porch up on one of the rafters. Didn't seem like a real safe place to build a nest to me, but the momma robin has been very good to the babies. I don't know if she was teaching them to fly or if they just fell out, but I couldn't just let them drown!! So, I fished them out with a net and my Dad sat them back up in their nest. They were so cute, but very confused!!