Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trunk or Treating

We interrupt the Disney posts for a short post about Trunk or Treating this year at Laurel. The kids were so excited to get dressed up this year as we were able to get exactly what they wanted to wear (well Madison's was her 2nd choice since we couldn't find her 1st choice in her size). Caleb has become obsessed with Pirates of the Carribean. He loved the ride at Disney and had been saying he wanted to be Jack Sparrow for months before Halloween. Taylor came up with Cleopatra from I don't know were. Madison wanted to be Ariel with the fish tail costume. We looked everywhere for that costume in her size but only could find a 4-6x which was way to big. She settled for another princess....Sleeping Beauty.

Jack Sparrow

Sleeping Beauty

Cleopatra Queen of the Nile

Me and sweet Clara who was dressed up as Darby

Madison and Melanie

Caleb, Will and Sam Taylor

Sweet little Piglet enjoying a sucker :)

Jake Russell and Caleb matched down to their make-up :)

The next few pictures are rare as I am not real happy with the way I look right now so I choose to be in pictures much right now but I would like to have some pictures of me with the kids to put in their scrapbook.

Me and Jack Sparrow

Me and Sleeping Beauty

Me and Cleopatra

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bonnet Creek

We are so lucky that Matt's parents have a wonderful timeshare that they love sharing with their kids and grandkids. Wyndham has the only non-Disney owned resort that is on Disney's property. Matt's parents booked a 3 bedroom unit for our stay at Disney and it was so nice. His mom requested a unit that was high up and that looked over the lake so we could see the fireworks that were done every night at Epcot. It was great to see the firework show but not have to be down in the crowd :) We had numerous pools to choose from and each one had a lazy river around it which was great. My parents had a blast floating around the lazy river! One pool had a sprinkler park attached to it while another one had a bigger water park attached to it with slides and all! There was a mini golf course, arcade room and craft room that had stuff going on every day. They even had an ice cream social one afternoon! We had a beautiful view of the whole resort from our 7th floor unit. The people there are so friendly...we never wanted for anything while there. I can't wait to go back and am already planning our next trip :)

This was the view from our is one of the other complex's.

The view to the left...there was a playground under these awnings!

The view to the right....this resort is huge!

Night time view (the stuff above the buildings is the nightly fireworks)

The beautiful golf course at the front of our unit.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Downtown Disney

We enjoyed visiting Downtown Disney so much. It was a nice break from the parks and a great place to do some shopping and eating :) There is a wonderful World of Disney store which is huge....we purchased a few souvenirs there :) We enjoyed dinner at Ragland Road one night. It was a really neat Irish pub that was know for it's "fish and chips" which were wonderful.

We also visited and played at Legoland while there. Legoland had stations of legos that the kids could play with...we easily spent an hour there while the kids built and looked around. There were also huge sculptures made out of legos...there was a shark/crab/fish, a family walking their dogs, the lochness monster, a dinosaur and a transformer. It was so neat!

There is also a Ghirardelli store there! One side has a coffee shop and ice cream store while the other side you can purchase their wonderful chocolates! They give free samples out too....I was lucky to find they were giving out their milk chocolate squares filled with caramel one day :) We indulged in banana splits both trips down there!

Madison with Cinderella outside World of Disney.

Madison with Sleeping Beauty outside World of Disney.

Stitch from "Lilo and Stitch" spit water out at unsuspecting people walking by :)

There were hot air balloon rides there also and next time we are so doing that!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

T-Rex Cafe

Our first stop once we got checked into our resort was the T-Rex Cafe in Downtown Disney. Caleb had talked about going here the whole way down. He was so excited about going here and building his own dinosaur. The place did not disappoint us. We didn't end up eating there because the wait was too long but the kids enjoyed building their own dinosaurs, digging for dinosaur bones and walking around the cafe looking at all the different dinosaurs that moved and made noises, Madison wasn't too thrilled with the dinosaurs noises and movements as it was very realistic. It was a great way to start our stay!

T-Rex Cafe

Caleb posing outside the cafe (see the dino behind him)

Digging for dino bones

Caleb with his dino

Taylor stuffing her dino

Caleb and Taylor with their dino's and Madison finishing hers

Caleb and Taylor posing with a baby T-Rex (Madison wouldn't get in the picture)

Dino skeleton in the ice room (this room changed colors every few minutes)

Another cool dinosaur

Caleb checking out a whooly mammoth

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Selling Popcorn

Last weekend Caleb had his very first Show and Sell for Boy Scouts. He is currently selling popcorn and each of the boys had to participate in a booth sell. Matt and Caleb sold popcorn out side JCPenny at Turkey Creek for 2 hours on Saturday. Caleb had such a good time. He was sometimes shy about asking people to buy but overall for his first time he did really good. He has enjoyed taking his order form to friends and family and asking them to buy...he thinks it is so much fun to be selling something :) He has done really well with his sales and if you are reading this and bought something...thank you very much, you made a little boy very happy :) If you are reading this and would still like to buy something, let me know. He will be selling it until the 26th and there are lots of flavors to choose from including a new and yummy chocolate drizzled popcorn :)