Wednesday, October 21, 2009

T-Rex Cafe

Our first stop once we got checked into our resort was the T-Rex Cafe in Downtown Disney. Caleb had talked about going here the whole way down. He was so excited about going here and building his own dinosaur. The place did not disappoint us. We didn't end up eating there because the wait was too long but the kids enjoyed building their own dinosaurs, digging for dinosaur bones and walking around the cafe looking at all the different dinosaurs that moved and made noises, Madison wasn't too thrilled with the dinosaurs noises and movements as it was very realistic. It was a great way to start our stay!

T-Rex Cafe

Caleb posing outside the cafe (see the dino behind him)

Digging for dino bones

Caleb with his dino

Taylor stuffing her dino

Caleb and Taylor with their dino's and Madison finishing hers

Caleb and Taylor posing with a baby T-Rex (Madison wouldn't get in the picture)

Dino skeleton in the ice room (this room changed colors every few minutes)

Another cool dinosaur

Caleb checking out a whooly mammoth


Cindy said...

Glad you guys had such a great time. Loved seeing your pictures on fb. I am looking forward to the first time my girls get to go to Disney. We want to make sure Allison is old enough to really enjoy it before we go. Hopefully soon!