Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trunk or Treating

We interrupt the Disney posts for a short post about Trunk or Treating this year at Laurel. The kids were so excited to get dressed up this year as we were able to get exactly what they wanted to wear (well Madison's was her 2nd choice since we couldn't find her 1st choice in her size). Caleb has become obsessed with Pirates of the Carribean. He loved the ride at Disney and had been saying he wanted to be Jack Sparrow for months before Halloween. Taylor came up with Cleopatra from I don't know were. Madison wanted to be Ariel with the fish tail costume. We looked everywhere for that costume in her size but only could find a 4-6x which was way to big. She settled for another princess....Sleeping Beauty.

Jack Sparrow

Sleeping Beauty

Cleopatra Queen of the Nile

Me and sweet Clara who was dressed up as Darby

Madison and Melanie

Caleb, Will and Sam Taylor

Sweet little Piglet enjoying a sucker :)

Jake Russell and Caleb matched down to their make-up :)

The next few pictures are rare as I am not real happy with the way I look right now so I choose to be in pictures much right now but I would like to have some pictures of me with the kids to put in their scrapbook.

Me and Jack Sparrow

Me and Sleeping Beauty

Me and Cleopatra


Sara said...

Cute Halloween pics! Taylor looks so grown up (especially with the black Cleopatra hair)!!

I miss the Laurel family!! Looks like a good time!

angier said...

Love those costumes!! So cute!

Cindy said...

All 3 of them looked perfect in their costumes!!! And you look great too....good for you for getting some pictures of yourself in there! said...

Great costumes! LOoks like you all had a great time. And by the way. . . you look GREAT! Don't know what you're talking about! You're a hot mama!