Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Eve

We let the kids open 1 present on Christmas Eve and it new pj's. They love getting to open a present that night and love having new pj's to sleep. My kids love pj's, they prefer to lounge in these often. We are a pretty laid back family and if we have no place to go we tend to stay in our jammies :)

Here they are opening their new pj's

Madison got Tinkerbell, Caleb got Transformers, and Taylor got Hannah Montana

Everyone posing in their new pj's.

Caleb sprinkling the "reindeer food"

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Part 1

We celebrated Christmas twice this year.

We celebrated with my parents, Hope and Chris on Christmas Eve b/c they were headed to Nashville Christmas Day to be w/ his family. We had a full day of opening gifts, eating and then opening more gifts. The kids got lots of clothes which they all (surprisingly) loved and a couple of neat toys. Taylor practically got a new wardrobe from Justice and Gymboree while Caleb got a Spiderman Track that he had been asking for. We didn't think he was going to be getting this as neither me nor my mom could find it in stores (we assumed he saw it on tv). Well my new brother-in-law is pretty awesome b/c as soon as he found out what Caleb wanted he googled it, found it and bought it for Caleb. Matt got mostly new clothes too. This was great b/c after losing 45 lbs he desperately needed new clothes.

We enjoyed a nice dinner of steaks followed with chocolate fondue with fresh fruit.:)

Madison is really getting into barbies

She loved her Tinkerbell movie from Nana and Pops

Caleb's Spiderman Track

New clothes for Taylor

And a pet pig :)

After dinner we opened our stockings. We have a tradition on my side of the family where we each buy a $5-$10 gift for each person. Each person ends up getting to open 8 small gifts. 9 yrs ago, I was surprised w/ little stocking gifts for our baby to be "Taylor". This year we were able continue that surprise as we had 7 little gifts for "Baby Beavers" who is set to make his/her debut in September 2009!!!!! Hope and Chris were surprised by those "gifts" and it was so much fun to do it for her. I am so looking forward to being an Aunt on my side finally :)

Caleb is really into dinosaurs and got 5 new ones :)

Taylor got the cutest Hummingbird Webkinz

Matt got Mighty Putty in his stocking :)

My whole family

Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa Pics Take 2

After Brunch with Santa last Sunday we went to see the ultimate Santa. Every year there is this Santa at Dale's Winning Edge. He brings his sleigh and reindeer which the kids go crazy over. He is so real looking and the best part is that he is free! You take your own pictures and can take as many as you want, which we did this year! Last year we went when Madison was sleeping and just laid her in his lap, it wasn't the best picture but she wasn't screaming which was the goal last year :) Since she hadn't done well with Aaron I wasn't too convinced that she would sit in this Santa's lap. Amy, Aaron and the girls went with us as well as Daniel, Rachel and Hannah since they hadn't had her picture made with Santa yet. We were so surprised that we just put Madison up is his lap and she didn't cry, she even sat in his lap by herself for a picture :) I wish we had thought to go earlier b/c this one have made a great Christmas card picture :)

Caleb was the first one up to him :)

She doesn't look too happy here....

but is fine here

and here (we even got a smile in this one).

Taylor looking very grown up

Sweet Hannah's 1st encounter w/ Santa (isn't this sleigh awesome)!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Trees!

Who says we are in a recession?

Our tree

My sister's tree w/ our presents, her presents and my parents presents

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Pictures: Take One

Sunday our church had their annual Brunch with Santa. The kids all enjoy it, the food is good (though there is never enough) and we parents get to see which kids are terrified of Santa! Well, I never disappoint and have had at least one through the last few years refuse to get near Santa. The last 2 yrs this award has gone to Madison :) She deathly afraid of "the man in red".

Last year I had the privilege of being in the picture, this year I didn't want to be so we told her who was going to be dressed up as Santa (it was our good friend Aaron). The older kids have been told that the "Santa's" down here aren't the real ones just people dressed up who "report" back to the real guy (I realize this may not have been the best idea but hey we learn from our mistakes). We talked up Santa big, I really wanted their pictures made. She was all excited, even when he entered the room. Then we were brought back to reality! Her turn to sit on his lap was up and she wasn't getting near him, not even with Taylor at her side :) After much persuading on my part that unless she told him what she wanted he wouldn't know what to bring her she finally got on stage while holding tightly to me (not what I wanted but it was a start). She wasn't paying much attention to him but looking out at Matt who was trying to take a picture so I quickly "shoved" her towards Santa and Matt snapped the picture. It isn't the best but at least only my hand is in this year's picture :) BTW, I didn't really shove her, I just nudged her in his direction and leaned out of the picture.

Madison listening to our preacher, Mark, tell the story of "Humprey"

Caleb was more than ready to hop up there with his "list" :)

All she wants for Christmas is an easel and art supplies

Waiting at the bottom of the stairs while contemplating going up there

Madison and Clara "watching" Santa and building up their courage :)

Will's turn

Sam telling Santa what he wanted

Kendra and Alex

Clara and Coy

And a shot of the kids (and my hand).

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our Attempt at Oh Christmas Tree

We love the picture that Betsy took of her kids in front of their Christmas tree and wanted to try it ourselves. We think it turned out great and may attempt it again before we take the tree down. Be sure to click on the picture because the big picture is much better. Thanks to Betsy for the idea.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Littlest Angel

Madison's Preschool put on their Christmas parade today. She had to dress up as an angel and then after parading through the halls a few times with lots of parents and grandparents staring (which she didn't like at all...she held onto her teachers hand the whole time), her class sang 3 songs. She has been singing these songs for days at home but when the time came and all eyes were on her she just held her head down and looked so sad and wouldn't sing :( She was super cute though just had a bad case of stage fright.

I love how sweet she looks in the picture...all dreamy like.

Monday, December 8, 2008 that Rudolph? Nope just Caleb.

Saturday afternoon Amy, Rob, Allison and Evan came over for the day. The grown-ups were installing a new closet system for Nana and Peepaw as a Christmas gift and the kids were playing. All was going great until we hear a loud cry...not the "I am not getting my way" cry but the "I am dying cry" coming from the living room. Upon arriving in the living room I find Caleb holding his nose and crying. When he pulled his hand away my first thought was "he broke his nose and I haven't had their Christmas pictures made yet!" After he calmed down some we fount out that he had been wrestling with Evan and went to "jump" on him and sorta missed. He connected with the brick hearth :( He is the first grandchild to get hurt on this fireplace which is a miracle in itself. After thoroughly checking it out we decided it wasn't broken but was going to be black the next day. We iced it and gave him some motrin to help with the swelling. This is what it looks like today (2 days after the accident)

Not nearly as bad as it could have been. It skinned it a little and is bruised but it should be as good as new in a few weeks. I mentioned covering it with some makeup so we could have Christmas pictures made but Caleb firmly told me he wasn't wearing any makeup so I guess pictures will have to wait until his nose heals. (please ignore the drugged look he has in his eyes....he was half asleep when I took this picture).

On a funny note, last night at H2H I was upstairs with the kiddos and Caleb was "rocking out" with a pretend guitar. I told him "Caleb calm down just a little" to which he responded " Mom, I was born to be wild" :) Gotta love my boy!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I've been tagged!

I was tagged by Cindy T to post the 4th picture in my 4th folder so here it is

This is Taylor and Caleb watching the combines at my grandparents this past October when we were there for Fall Break. The kids love watching the farm equipment as you can see by the joy on Caleb's face, this boy LOVES John Deers! In fact after watching them all day he decided that he wanted to drive a combine when he grows up :)

Cindy tagged most of the people I would tag with a few exceptions so Jennifer, Paula, Gabby and Renee I am tagging you! Go ahead, let's see what is on your computer :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I wish I were a mouse.

This is what Caleb told me on Monday as we were walking into Walmart. I had picked him up from school and we had to run to Target and Walmart. Target was first on our list as I needed to return something and Caleb had been asking for some sweatshirts b/c he was cold. He hates to be cold. When we went into Target the sun was peeking through the clouds. We were only in there about 30 minutes and when we came out it was snowing hard! Madison and Caleb were so excited :) We hopped in the car and drove 2 stores over. It was coming down even harder now and starting to accumulate on the cars and grass. We were walking into Walmart when Caleb looked at me and said " I wish I were a mouse." I looked at him while trying not to laugh and asked him why. In the back of my mind I was thinking "okay they must be talking about mice at school right now". Caleb looked at me with a very serious look on his face and said "because then I would be tiny and mom see this little pocket on my coat (here he opened up his jacket and pointed to this tiny pocket inside his coat) well I could fit right inside it and then I would stay warm cause mice don't like to be cold and neither do I". I couldn't help but start laughing! This kid comes up with the craziest things sometimes but then it does make sense....mice don't like to be cold :)