Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Part 1

We celebrated Christmas twice this year.

We celebrated with my parents, Hope and Chris on Christmas Eve b/c they were headed to Nashville Christmas Day to be w/ his family. We had a full day of opening gifts, eating and then opening more gifts. The kids got lots of clothes which they all (surprisingly) loved and a couple of neat toys. Taylor practically got a new wardrobe from Justice and Gymboree while Caleb got a Spiderman Track that he had been asking for. We didn't think he was going to be getting this as neither me nor my mom could find it in stores (we assumed he saw it on tv). Well my new brother-in-law is pretty awesome b/c as soon as he found out what Caleb wanted he googled it, found it and bought it for Caleb. Matt got mostly new clothes too. This was great b/c after losing 45 lbs he desperately needed new clothes.

We enjoyed a nice dinner of steaks followed with chocolate fondue with fresh fruit.:)

Madison is really getting into barbies

She loved her Tinkerbell movie from Nana and Pops

Caleb's Spiderman Track

New clothes for Taylor

And a pet pig :)

After dinner we opened our stockings. We have a tradition on my side of the family where we each buy a $5-$10 gift for each person. Each person ends up getting to open 8 small gifts. 9 yrs ago, I was surprised w/ little stocking gifts for our baby to be "Taylor". This year we were able continue that surprise as we had 7 little gifts for "Baby Beavers" who is set to make his/her debut in September 2009!!!!! Hope and Chris were surprised by those "gifts" and it was so much fun to do it for her. I am so looking forward to being an Aunt on my side finally :)

Caleb is really into dinosaurs and got 5 new ones :)

Taylor got the cutest Hummingbird Webkinz

Matt got Mighty Putty in his stocking :)

My whole family


JenniferL. said...

I have been wondering if that mighty putty stuff works. Tell Matt to use it and let us know how it is.

Ginger said...

How fun that your sister is expecting :)

Cindy said...

Great pictures of the kids with their presents. Caleb looks so excited about his Spiderman Track!Taylor is so beautiful!!! So are Madison and Caleb! Sounds like you all were busy and had lots of fun for Christmas!
Congratulations on becoming an Aunt again! What a neat tradition with the stockings!

Cindy said...

You got some great, intentional Christmas pictures. I'm getting ready to blog about our celebrations, and yet I know my pictures will be much more random...wish I'd thought about it more at the time! Great shots!

Gabby said...

YAY Hope!! Love the pics. Looks like you all had fun!!