Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Pictures: Take One

Sunday our church had their annual Brunch with Santa. The kids all enjoy it, the food is good (though there is never enough) and we parents get to see which kids are terrified of Santa! Well, I never disappoint and have had at least one through the last few years refuse to get near Santa. The last 2 yrs this award has gone to Madison :) She deathly afraid of "the man in red".

Last year I had the privilege of being in the picture, this year I didn't want to be so we told her who was going to be dressed up as Santa (it was our good friend Aaron). The older kids have been told that the "Santa's" down here aren't the real ones just people dressed up who "report" back to the real guy (I realize this may not have been the best idea but hey we learn from our mistakes). We talked up Santa big, I really wanted their pictures made. She was all excited, even when he entered the room. Then we were brought back to reality! Her turn to sit on his lap was up and she wasn't getting near him, not even with Taylor at her side :) After much persuading on my part that unless she told him what she wanted he wouldn't know what to bring her she finally got on stage while holding tightly to me (not what I wanted but it was a start). She wasn't paying much attention to him but looking out at Matt who was trying to take a picture so I quickly "shoved" her towards Santa and Matt snapped the picture. It isn't the best but at least only my hand is in this year's picture :) BTW, I didn't really shove her, I just nudged her in his direction and leaned out of the picture.

Madison listening to our preacher, Mark, tell the story of "Humprey"

Caleb was more than ready to hop up there with his "list" :)

All she wants for Christmas is an easel and art supplies

Waiting at the bottom of the stairs while contemplating going up there

Madison and Clara "watching" Santa and building up their courage :)

Will's turn

Sam telling Santa what he wanted

Kendra and Alex

Clara and Coy

And a shot of the kids (and my hand).


Cindy said...

Cute post, Holly! Thanks for including the pictures of Sam and Will. This was the only time this year either one of them would get near Santa...kudos to Aaron! Will wouldn't look him in the eye, though, I noticed! I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas celebration!!

Cindy said...

My girls didn't want anything to do with Santa. We saw him several times at West Town Mall and I made a point to just see him from a far and watch other kids sitting with him before asking if they would like to go talk to Santa. One time Santa even came over to the girls and gave them a gingerbread cookie, but even after that they didn't want to go talk to him. They would just wave from afar. Ohe well!!! Love Taylor and Madison's cute dresses.
I hope you guys have a terrific Christmas!

April said...

You got some GREAT pics of everyone! The one of all 3 of your kids with "Santa" turned out great. The one of Clara, Coy, and "Santa" will be one their family will treasure! :)