Monday, December 8, 2008 that Rudolph? Nope just Caleb.

Saturday afternoon Amy, Rob, Allison and Evan came over for the day. The grown-ups were installing a new closet system for Nana and Peepaw as a Christmas gift and the kids were playing. All was going great until we hear a loud cry...not the "I am not getting my way" cry but the "I am dying cry" coming from the living room. Upon arriving in the living room I find Caleb holding his nose and crying. When he pulled his hand away my first thought was "he broke his nose and I haven't had their Christmas pictures made yet!" After he calmed down some we fount out that he had been wrestling with Evan and went to "jump" on him and sorta missed. He connected with the brick hearth :( He is the first grandchild to get hurt on this fireplace which is a miracle in itself. After thoroughly checking it out we decided it wasn't broken but was going to be black the next day. We iced it and gave him some motrin to help with the swelling. This is what it looks like today (2 days after the accident)

Not nearly as bad as it could have been. It skinned it a little and is bruised but it should be as good as new in a few weeks. I mentioned covering it with some makeup so we could have Christmas pictures made but Caleb firmly told me he wasn't wearing any makeup so I guess pictures will have to wait until his nose heals. (please ignore the drugged look he has in his eyes....he was half asleep when I took this picture).

On a funny note, last night at H2H I was upstairs with the kiddos and Caleb was "rocking out" with a pretend guitar. I told him "Caleb calm down just a little" to which he responded " Mom, I was born to be wild" :) Gotta love my boy!


Cindy said...

Caleb looks older in this picture! I guess the "drugged" look instead of his contagious, fun loving smile makes him look older here. He's one tough little guy! I think I have only seen him laughing, smiling and playing! He sure is a cutie!

Cindy said...

That Caleb! Kids are amazingly resilient, aren't they? So is he proud of his battle scar? You should take a Christmas pic anyway...for the memories!