Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dogwood Arts Festival

Last month we attended the Dogwood Arts Festival downtown. We had never been before and really enjoyed it. Taylor got sick that weekend and I never got around to blogging about it. Then life got busy and I blogged about other things and totally forgot about it. This past weekend Taylor and I went to the Farmer's Market downtown and I remembered that I hadn't blogged yet so here are some pictures from our day. They had food vendors, crafts, and these sidewalk drawings. This was the first year for the sidewalk drawings and you were able to vote for your favorite one. The winner got a monetary prize.

Madison checking out the water

Caleb hopped up on this rock and said "Dad, take my picture" :)

Some of the sidewalk chalk drawings

This was our favorite and the one we voted for.

Alligator anyone?

Chocolate covered cheesecake and strawberries...yummy!

Me and Madison enjoying a funnel cake :)

Caleb and Matt

Madison, Caleb and Nana

I got a henna tattoo

Caleb making ink art using hand carved rubber stamps

Madison making hers...it was pink of course

Showing off the finished products :)


Gabby said...

looks like fun!! I wanta go! :)

Julie Sommerfelt said...

My name is Julie Sommerfelt,
My art was actually the one with the sunsphere and dogwood flowers, and I was googling dogwood arts festival images, found this photo of my chalk art, and was so happy! I have lost the photo I took! Thanks so much for your post.