Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tired of Winter

Tuesday morning Taylor had to get up early after sleeping in for over a week. She wasn't excited about that but was excited to see her friends. While she was eating breakfast we were talking about that she only has about 8 weeks of school left. She said "that doesn't seem like long mom" to which I thought "oh it seems like an eternity to me". I am tired of getting up at 6:30. It is too early for me so I know it is too early for a soon to be 8 yr old! Normally my kids are later sleepers so on saturdays and "no school days" we normally sleep until 9:30 or 10:00. My kids have always gone to bed a little later than most but it pays off when they sleep in b/c that means I get to sleep in. I love sleeping in :) Anyway after talking a few more minutes I informed her that during that 8 weeks there would be no days off. Normally Knox County has at least 1 monday or friday out a month for in-service. However there are none this next 8 weeks. (that wasn't good planning on someone's part, I mean come on spread out the days so we have some at the end) Anyway I made an executive decision as a mom that if I feel like she needs a break I will let her stay home and rest. They can miss 5 days a year without a dr's note.

Anyway I have digressed from the title of my post. When Taylor and I walked out to the car to go to school at 7:10 it was 29 degrees. It was cold. Kinda went with the snow we had on monday. It never stuck out here but really came down hard off and on. Anyway Taylor looked at me and said "I am tired of winter", I am tired of the cold, and I am ready for summer!" Me too, sister, me too! I think the recent warm weather days have teased us a little and made us remember the warm weather therefore making us yearn for it even more. Hopefully Spring weather will be here soon and we can enjoy the sun on our face and running barefoot in the grass :)