Friday, March 14, 2008

Enjoying the Beautiful Weather

Thursday here was gorgeous. We spent alot of it outside. Madison got to enjoy it the most b/c she wasn't in school. Caleb joined us when he got home and then Taylor played played when she arrived. Taylor has mastered the jump rope and was showing off her new skills yesterday for everyone. I didn't get any pics of this new skill. I will have to make sure and get a picture next time. Actually I didn't get any pics of Taylor. I had taken the camera in by the time Taylor got home. My mom and dad picked her up from school and then went to Panera for bagels!

Caleb learned to climb a tree. I was busy playing with Madison when Caleb called me and I turned around to find him about 6 ft off the ground in a tree. He was so proud of himself! (To be honest I was too! That is a rite of passage from baby to boy) Here he is showing off his new skill :)

He also enjoyed hitting his golf club and playing his guitar and singing for everyone!

(Anyone know where to take guitar lesson in Knoxville? Caleb has been asking for awhile now)

Madison hasn't learned any new skills lately to brag about. She enjoyed riding her car and stroller her baby in the grocery cart. She was enjoying some jelly beans too. She loves jelly beans :) Matt kept saying that she was going to be up all night b/c of the amount of sugar she consumed yesterday. (For those wondering she went right to bed as usual and was asleep in 5 minutes)

Uncontrollable curls :)

Yummy jelly beans!

The kids got to enjoy seeing Paula. This is Matt's twin brother's mother-in-law. She lives in Cookeville but came through Knoxville yesterday. She brought the kids a dz Krispy Kreme donuts! To say they loved her is an understatement. They love Krispy Kreme but we hardly go there since it isn't near the house.


Cindy Taylor said...

Great pictures, Holly! Congrats to Caleb on his accomplishment!