Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fallen Tree

The kids (well the the older 2 at least) love to drive through our old neighborhood and see "their house". We go through at least once a week per their pleading. This past week Matt cut through after taking Caleb to school and saw this:

He didn't have the kids or the camera so we had to go through again later to show them. They were totally enthralled with it. Caleb's first words were "totally cool". I am not sure where he heard this phrase, sounds like something straight out of the 80's or 90's. He thought it would be so cool to climb on it. They really were amazed by the the roots that were still attached to dirt. The owners haven't been very fast in getting it cut up and removed so we drive by it almost everyday. This morning when I drove by it had been cut up and the removal process started. The kids will be very disappointed :( Here are a few more pictures of it. This house was a few streets over from ours so we didn't know these neighbors but I wish we had. I would have liked to have placed the kids be the roots/dirt and taken their picture. (I didn't think it was appropriate to ring the doorbell and ask if I could do that :)