Monday, April 21, 2008

Bunnies and Bubbles!

We have really been enjoying all the outside play we have been getting. I personally love it b/c it wears the kids out. I mean they go to bed so much easier when we have spent the day outside. This weekend and today we were outside most of the time.

Sunday after church we went home with Aaron, Amy and Clara to spend some time together and for the "men" to tackle some yard work. Caleb and Taylor pitched in and even got a little pay for helping (unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me so I didn't get any pictures). The kids picked up pine cones in the backyard and then were treated to rides on the 4-wheeler. Then they helped dismantle a brick flowerbed and again were treated to a ride in the trailer pulled by the 4-wheeler. They were having a blast. Except Madison who was terrified of the 4-wheeler. She doesn't like anything that makes a loud noise.

Today we played outside in the backyard all day. There was lots of running and "playing". There was also lots of picture opportunities for me! We have a bunny who frequents our yard numerous times a day. He is pretty brave, doesn't seem to be afraid of the kids at all. Today a couple of times he bounded across the yard right by the kids and then would lay down on his belly and chew the grass. He got under a tree one time and Caleb walked right up to him. Caleb was probably only 2-3 feet away from him. He bounded off when Madison ran up. She was trying to feed him some popcorn chicken she was eating. I guess she thought he looked hungry :)

Caleb and Madison enjoyed pushing their cars to the top of the hill and then riding down. They were even kind enough to sit still for a few moments for me to snap a few pictures.

Madison got a bubble bucket last week and it has been a big hit! We had gotten one for Ryan D's birthday and Madison really like it. In fact she thought it was for her so was a little upset when she realized it wasn't staying at her house and she couldn't play with it. It is something all the kids love even if it was originally for her. My kids never liked putting their hands in the bubble solution and with this bucket they don't get any solution on their hands. It has 4 big wands so everyone can blow bubbles at the same time. Today Madison took her bubbles and went and sat on the walking trail that runs by our house. She sat and blew bubbles for about 15 minutes. I got a lot of good pictures of her during this time. She was really cooperating with me. I love her sweet face :)

Caleb was being really sweet, smiling good for my pictures and even letting me take them without saying "mom, no more pictures"! I got this picture of him blowing dandelion seeds everywhere! It was so sweet b/c he was saying his wish as he blew. I guess he thought that was what you did. He wished that his cousins could come live with him. He really likes being with them especially Kelsey and Riley. We are so glad that they are near enough now to be able to plan trips to their house or get them here to visit.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

They are so cute!!

Cindy Taylor said...

You got some great shots, Holly! Springtime is so wonderful!