Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Taylor's eye appointment

Well Tuesday was the big day for Taylor to go see the eye dr. She was really excited and did wonderful. That was the first time she had been to an eye dr. So far her pediatrician has checked her eyes each year and they have been good. We spent about an hour doing all the normal eye tests which included the every popular "which is better, 1 or 2. ok now which is better 2 or 3" as well as a new way of "dilating the eye. They have this cool camera that takes a picture of your eye the way the dr would see it when it is dilated but without putting drops in and actually dilating it. It was really neat getting to see "behind her eye. I couldn't help but smile watching her. She was such a big girl but then she is almost 8 now :) It brought back memories of going to the eye dr when I was little. Here she is sitting in the big chair.

Then the fun started...........she got to pick her frames! She was really set on some colorful frames. She tried on 10-15 different styles and colors before finally settling on a blue pair. I know, you are saying "blue"! I thought the same thing till I saw them on her. They look really good and make her eyes look even more blue than they are. Here is a picture of the ones she picked out.........

This isn't the best picture but it gives an idea. I was too close to her and the sticker (that is that pink "thingy" on her eye) is on the lens still. I wouldn't have put the picture on here since it isn't very good but she wanted me to "blog" about her day and have a picture to post :) They actually look to big on her here but again I think I am too close and it could be the angle also. She should have her glasses by the middle of next week. She is really excited.


Ginger said...

She looks so grown up in those glasses!!