Saturday, April 5, 2008

What is Happening to today's youth?

WARNING: The following post is my opinion and mine only. You are welcome to have your own but I just had to address this even though my kids aren't going to be dealing with this for many years, if at all!

Today Taylor was invited to go to the movie (Nims Island) with a friend from school to celebrate the friend's birthday. I go to the mall but don't normally hang around the movie theatre. Upon dropping her off with friend and friend's mom I walked around the mall and did some sight shopping. After that was done I had some time to kill so I sat by the theatre entrance. I was shocked by what I saw! I am not sure what kind of trend is taken place but it is horrible. Everyone was wearing black or some form of black! Kids who couldn't be more then 11, 12, 13 or 14 were walking by with peircings in their eyebrows, noses, lips. What parent allows their child to do this? Looking back I am positive if I had come home expressing intrest in having my face pierced my parents wouldn't have allowed it. Also what is up with guys wearing eyeliner and painting their nails black? I have to say the experience was scaring. Who is watching and allowing these kids to express themselves in this manner? I thought that the big hair and funky clothes (parachute pants, etc) we wore was bad but boy it was tame compared to kids these days.

I can say with great conviction that my kids will not be allowed to pierce their face, Caleb may not paint his nails or wear my eyeliner, and they will not be allowed to hang out with people who do. I understand that children must be preative but I just wonder how much surpivision these kids have who are allowed to make decisions like these at such a young age.

Like I stated in my warning, these are my opinions and you don't have to agree. I just wonder what is happening to the youth of today. I heard a slogan on the Kids Choice Awards that was "we are the future and the future is ours", this was being yelled by kids in the audience. If these kids I saw today are our future, I am a little scared. I am ready for some feedback. I want to hear others opinions. I want to know what you think about this new trend?


Ginger said...

I would be horrified if my boys ever wore black eyeliner! I don't know what is wrong with some kids today. When I was a teenager we were so preppy. Kahki pants, sweaters, loafers, Dooney and Bourke purses. Some of the girls I see are barely covered!

Bunco Girls said...

I am definitely frightened by the kids of the future phrase. In teaching high school, trust me the wearing black and piercing are the least of our worries.

JenniferL. said...

Okay that above post is me, I didn't realize that I was signed in to my bunco blog.

Paula Jennings said...

I saw a teen at the mall on Sunday wearing shorts that looked like boy shorts but girls wear them as underwear on, with a t-shirt and tank top on wearing HIGH HEELS and pushing a stroller. She looked like she just got off a corner! The guy who was with her looked under 21 but who knows. I also saw so much cleavage Sunday I could hurl. And YES what is up with all the guys dressing like girls????