Monday, April 28, 2008

I survived...barely!

What ever happened to sleeping at a slumber party? I couldn't believe the amount of energy six 8 yr old girls can have! We all had a wonderful time (yes, even I did)on Friday night. The girls were all excited to be here and were full of energy! Every time a new girl would arrive the house would be filled with high pitched squealing. You would think that they hadn't seen each other in years when reality it had only been hours since they had seen each other at school :) Oh to be young and full of energy!

We started the evening by just playing around while everyone arrived. The girls talked about boys, dressed up in all the costumes we have acquired, had a fashion show, etc. The it was time for pizza. I thought they would eat a lot but they didn't. I guess they were too busy. After this we decided to jump into "doing nails" and crafts. We got out the foot bath so each girl could soak her feet. This was a huge hit but I didn't get any pictures of it as I was busy doing the pedicures. They also got manicures. Afterwards we did a few crafts. We had Japanese lanterns and visors to decorate. These were a huge hit!

After this we opened presents and had cake! Actually Taylor didn't want cake she wanted a giant cookie so that is what we had. I didn't get a before picture of it but it was really cute. We made it ourselves. Matt decorated it with flowers and "Happy birthday Taylor" in purple frosting. All the girls loved it. Taylor got lots of good stuff: 2 new webkinz (the green frog and the google), a gift card to justice, $10, and a bracelet making kit.

Then it was off to the movie room for what I thought would be a movie and bedtime. What was I thinking? 2 movies later those girls were still awake!!!!! Finally at 2 AM I went to bed and told them just to keep it down and. I laid in my bed and within 30 minutes there was no more noise coming from the bonus room and I went to sleep! I was woken up at 7 AM to the sound of 6 pairs of feet running through the house. They were awake and hungry. So I feed them a breakfast of milk/juice and donuts! I know, I know not the most wholesome breakfast but I was looking for fast and easy. By 11:00 the last girl had been picked up and I was ready to crash but alas I couldn't b/c I had 2 baby showers to get ready for.

Both baby showers were lots of fun. Nothing like getting together over good food and talking about girl stuff! Plus rejoicing over new babies, and girl babies at that! Lots of pink was involved!

I am looking forward to a slow and relaxing week and weekend. I am glad all Taylor's friends had fun and am mostly glad I survived!

I think I might be too old for slumber parties though :) I was teasing the girls at the party about going to bed at 9 b/c "slumber" meant sleep. She informed me that it meant "party" so it was a party party! She was too funny. She kept saying these funny things all night!


Cindy Taylor said...

What fun! I enjoy living vicariously through my friends who have girls...pretty sure any future slumber parties at my house will not include foot baths!! Video games and camping in the backyard, perhaps...

Gabby said...

so cool! Glad you had fun Tay-Tay! I wish I could have been there! :)I need a mani and pedi! :)

Ginger said...

Sounds fun, Holly. I remember those parties when I was growing up--staying up all night, scary movies, pizza, boy talk! Such fun memories she is making. I agree with Cindy, guess I will live vicariously through you- ha ha!!