Saturday, February 23, 2008

Praise Praise Praise

Yesterday we found out some awesome news! Matt' mom is not going to require chemo! We have been waiting for 3 weeks for some DNA testing to be done and to get the results on whether she would require chemo and radiation. The results cam in yesterday and she meet with her oncologist. He determined that radiation (everyday for 5 days straight for 7 weeks, she only gets the weekends off) and 5 years (yes, you heard right 5 years ) of hormone therapy is all the is that she will require! We are so excited. If she had required chemo we would have been ok with it but are thrilled that she doesn't need to undergo all that. She is ready to get treatment started and over with so she can be healed before her 11th grandchild makes his/her appearance in July. So she meets with her radiologist on Tuesday to get her radiation schedule worked out and underway! Let the fun begin :)


Sara said...

That is great news and a big relief for all of you, I'm sure.

April said...

Excellent, Holly! That is cause for praise, indeed. Glad things are looking up for you all. :)

JenniferL. said...

Yay, good for Matt's mom.