Friday, February 29, 2008

Ready for Spring!

I am so ready for spring. My kids have cabin fever so bad! If spring/summer doesn't come soon I am moving to Fl. Okay, so I really wouldn't move to Fl but I understand why retirees migrate to Fl for the winter. We have been cooped up so much this winter. It is too cold to stay outside for very long on sunny days and the other days it is raining and that keeps us in. I don't want to go to many indoor play areas b/c of all the sickness going around. Now normally I am not intimidated by germs but this winter I have been alot more careful. It has been such a bad winter with so many things going around that I haven't wanted to risk it. Taylor of course gets exposed to lots of germs at school I am sure but that child rarely gets sick. She has a great immune system. Caleb too gets his fair share of germ exposure at preschool but luckily hasn't picked up anything (except the flu). Madison has had a great winter too. I believe it is b/c we have limited exposure to germs (for the most part)! But I am ready for spring! I want to let my kids play outside for hours, I want to swim with my kids (Madison has been dragging out bathing suits and asking to go to Nana's pool). My kids are ready for warm weather!!!! Anyway this is what we have been doing lately. Not much different than pictures posted a few months ago. In fact I believe Madison's obsession with lining things up is rubbing off on Carter, now he has started doing it. I find things lined up all around the house :)

Ignore the fact that in most of the pictures the kids have on pj's. We do (on occasion) get out of jammies but it seems like I grab the camera in the morning before clothes have been put on or at night after clothes have been removed and jammies put on!


Ginger said...

It's okay, Holly. As I write this I am still in pajamas and it is 12:46 in the afternoon!

Sara said...

We also are still in our p.j.'s and it is 3:10. I haven't even had my shower yet. We FEEL your cabin fever pain...we've stayed in for all the reasons you've mentioned and I am soooo ready for warm and dry weather.