Wednesday, February 13, 2008

1st snow of 2008 (if you can call it that)

It snowed today! Well it didn't really snow it teased us with some white stuff. Snow is what my parents saw last week in Vermont. It snowed 30 inches at the resort they were staying at. This isn't total snowfall so far but the amount of snow the resort received while my parents were there. Now that is what I call snow!!! Anyway we got some white stuff today. At first it was little ice pellets and then became snow. It actually came down pretty hard for awhile. It covered all our outside toys. This bothered Madison. She kept talking about her car in the backyard that was covered in snow. It was too funny. We took her out for a minute but she didn't like it. She kept saying cold and she didn't want to touch the white stuff. She is going to be a sand and surf kind of baby not a snow bunny.

Taylor was excited (she came home early from school with a tummy ache which turned out to be nothing. I think she just freaked out at first b/c back in December she had that lovely stomach bug that was going around and she got sick at school. It really embarrassed her. Anyway she is fine now.)

Caleb could have cared less. He has felt pretty crummy all day. He has run a high fever all day even the Tylenol can't keep it down long. We went to the dr and they tested for strep and the flu. The flu came back positive. He really doesn't have flu symptoms and the flu normally doesn't cause high fevers (his has run 103.4, 104.1, and 103.8 and this is with medicine every 4 hours). We may go to the ER later. We can't get him to drink and he hasn't peed since this morning. I am trying to decide what to do. I hate the idea of the ER and all the germs and the treatment I know they will give him (IV fluids) but also don't want him to get any sicker. I will make a decision in the next few hours. I guess if we end up there I will bring the camera so I can get some good "blogging" pics :)


April said...

So Caleb has the flu...we went down that road a couple of years ago. Yuck. Did your doctor start him on Tamiflu? Or do they offer that at his age? It is like antibiotics except for the influenza virus. In order to work it has to be started earlier rather than later. Typically those high fevers are at the very beginning of the flu and very classic symptoms. I presume he has other respiratory symtoms, too? I am soo sorry to hear he is sick. The true flu is miserable (not a 24hr GI bug!) and lasts 10+ days. I hope the rest of you stay well and that Caleb gets better soon! Did you all get the flu shot this year?

Sara said...

How is Caleb? Any better? I didn't see you guys last night and figured someone was sick.

And we didn't get any snow at our house????

Ginger said...

How is Caleb doing? we have had the stomach virus at our house. I said I was staying home the rest of the winter b/c I am so tired of sickness!! Hope you all stay well!