Friday, February 8, 2008

Thank Goodness It's Friday!

I am so excited! I get to see my mom today. I know I sound like a child with my excitement but my mom and I are really close. I see her everyday and I haven't seen her since Monday so I can't wait to see her. And my dad too. They have been in Vermont for the last week. My mom always wanted to go there and ride in one of those horse-drawn sleighs you see in beer commercials so off they went. I have talked to them everyday. They have had a blast!! My dad went snow-mobiling and snow tubing. Due to my mom's recent knee surgery she wasn't able to participate in those activities but she was happy just sitting by a fire drinking hot chocolate and watching everyone
else. They went up to Montreal one day and also went to see the VanTrapp (from the Sound of Music) family home. They have had a great week and I am so glad. They needed it! But again I'm glad they are coming home today b/c I get to see them!

Last night I took food to a family in our Heart 2 Heart that had a baby on Monday. Seeing that little bundle of innocence kinda made me want another one. He is absolutely precious (reminded me of Caleb). Then I remembered being up every 3 hours and recovering from a c-section and I quickly buried those feelings. I am content right now watching everyone else experience it and just loving on their little ones. One day we add #4 to the bunch but for now I love our family of 5.

I have been going through old pics I put on the computer and found some of my favorites! I love looking at pics from years ago or even months ago and seeing how the kids have grown. It makes me so thankful that they are healthy and growing the way God planned. I will leave you with a couple of favorites from last year. Enjoy!

Caleb would take a bath everyday for awhile. We joked that he was the cleanest kid in TN!

Madison has a purse and shoe obsession. Here she is showing her talent at being able to carry multiple purses at 1 time. Also notice the lovely safari hate she is wearing. Taylor brought that home from First Baptist Concord's VBS last summer. Madison loves hats so she quickly snapped this one up!

And then there is my beautiful big girl. I love this picture up at Cades Cove!


Sara said...

You know I am jealous that you get to see your mom everyday! How wonderful. Your parents are a precious couple.