Friday, February 15, 2008

What Madison did while I was sick

Matt did such a great job taking care of everything and everyone while I have been sick. I took care of Caleb (which didn't require much since he slept most of the time right beside me). Madison is normally glued to my side but Matt did a great job keeping her entertained. The few times I got up to get me or Caleb a drink or go the bathroom she was always happily playing but would come running to me yelling "my mommy". After a few quick hugs (b/c I couldn't tell her no) she would go back to playing. I did manage to "muster" enough energy to grab the camera and take a few pics of her doings.

She made lots of organized piles of toys. Here is some of her bitty baby stuff.

And here is the food items lined up.

She did have a few melt-downs though. The pictures of her under the chair crying are due to her not being able to have candy b/c she wouldn't eat her dinner. It was very hard not to laugh at the temper-tantrum. I mean who ever heard of laying under the chair to pitch a fit :)


April said...

That picture of Madison is hysterically funny! "Poor girl." :)

Sara said...

I'm sorry you've been sick as well.

I love Madison's lining up of her toys. I'm telling you Laura does the same thing all the time. At naptime, she reads books in bed and then everytime she'll line them all up very neatly on her floor.

Get better!!!!