Friday, February 22, 2008

A Child's Prayers

I absolutely love listening to the kids prayers both at dinner and at bedtime. I love to know what is on their little minds. Sometimes it is so hard not to laugh because sometimes they just pray for the funniest things and other times their prayers make me want to cry. It is amazing to me what all they pick up on that I am worrying about. The y don't normally hear my prayers as they are sound asleep by the time I fall in bed but they are always listening to conversations around them as their prayers requests sometimes come from things they have overheard. (This is something I am going to have to be more careful b/c somethings I don't want them to "worry" about. Anyway this is a running list of prayers lately:

* for her to have a good day at school the next day
* for her having a good day at school
* for a goodnights sleep that is nightmare free
* that Nana's cancer will be cured
* for Caleb to have a good day at school
* for mommy to get better (this applies to the strep and bronchitis I have been dealing with)
* for Aunt Rachel and Uncle Daniel's baby (to be born in July)

* for grandmother and granddaddy to get better
* for Nana, Pops, NaNa and Peepaw to stay well
* for Kelsey and Riley (his favorite cousins)
* for Peepaw to make alot of money :) (this one was out of the blue one night at dinner and had all of us chuckling)
* for his friend Turner at school to stay well
* for him to have a good day at school
* for Nana's knee to get better

not sure what she prays for but we all have to bow our heads and close our eyes while she mumbles something and then yells "amen"!


April said...

Very sweet. I, too, love to hear children pray.

Ginger said...

So sweet that you shared those prayers! I hope you are finally feeling better. It is so hard when Mommy is sick.

Kara, Kevin, and Laura said...

Holly, it is great to see you guys! I am glad you're feeling lots better. I love to hear Laura's prayers, too. Thanks for checking in on our blog, too. I love your picture from the Fall leaves. Just gorgeous!