Friday, February 15, 2008


Well when our family does something we do it big. I had been feeling pretty crummy since Monday afternoon and finally decided I wouldn't get well on my own and it was time to call in a dr for myself. Good thing I did. My diagnosis was strep throat and bronchitis! I can't remember the last time I was sick but now I am sick :( I feel a little better right now so I am updating my blog. We had a very boring Valentine's Day. I believe Taylor is the only one who celebrated it. Her covered wagon Valentine Box was a huge hit at school even though she lost 2 wheels :) (See previous post below for details on valentine mailbox). I didn't even get Matt or the kids cards :( I had meant to get out all week and take care of that but just felt too lousy.

Caleb seems to be doing much better. I am still not convinced that he has the flu. He woke up this morning and got right to playing and eating. He ate a whole container of strawberries. (We were going to dip them in chocolate that we bought at Sugarbakers but I haven't felt up to it) He then laid back down with me and slept for a couple of hours. I guess it could be the flu but the flu I remember knocks you out. You don't feel like doing anything but laying around. Maybe it is different with kids though. We finally got him to pee so no trip to the ER for IV fluids was necessary :)

We are praying everyone else stays well. So far Matt, Taylor and Madison seem to be feeling good. We hope that continues. We have had a great winter so far really. I had just boasted last week that we hadn't had the typical winter illnesses. None of the usual runny noses, etc. We all had some stomach bug and Madison had a double ear infection that took 3 rounds of antibiotics to get rid of but that was it. Guess this is what I get for bragging on our healthy winter :)

To answer some questions: The kids had flu vaccines, Matt and I didn't. Caleb is taking Tamiflu, he got his first dose a couple of hours after going to the dr (that is how backed up the pharmacy is). He has no other respiratory symptoms in fact he has no flu symptoms except for being lethargic. Like I said I'm not 100% convinced he has the flu but we are going to treat it as that for now. I think that answered all the questions we had.


April said...

Thanks for all the answers! I am so sorry you and Caleb have been sick. We are definately praying for nice, fast, recoveries for you all!

aytes5 said...

Thanks for the prayers for fast recoveries. I know Matt really appreciates them. It is really hard to be a mommy and be sick. Just taking a shower this afternoon made me tired. I laid down and slept for a few hours. I am hoping my energy comes back soon!