Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Big girl panties!!!

I decided today that we were going to start back with the potty-training. We gave it a try a few months ago. Madison was really interested (I wasn't too interested b/c no more diapers mean that my baby is growing up and I am not ready to deal with that just yet) and was doing good. I think this is where having older siblings is a good thing. Madison tries to do everything that Caleb does. She doesn't see Taylor doing things as much since she is in school but is always noticing what Caleb does. Luckily Caleb goes to the bathroom sitting down when at home, in public he stands (he is afraid of public potties and will only use them if it is an emergency). Anyway I bought some of those gerber training panties a few months ago and today bought some plastic panties to go over those as I refuse to buy pull-ups for Madison to go to the bathroom in. Now whenever she goes to the bathroom she wants to be changed so thought that feeling the wetness of panties (with plastic ones over that to protect clothing) would drive her crazy therefore making it easier to train. Well she did really good. She wore panties for almost 3 hours this evening and didn't pee in them once. She was upset when she had to put a diaper on at bedtime but I know we aren't there yet and I don't want to change jammies or sheets in the middle of the night. I told her when she woke up we would put back on her panties. So we are now embarking on a new adventure. Hoping that everything goes well and this is a short process. Taylor was a breeze to train, no more than 1 week and she was fully trained. Caleb was easy too but it was on his timing. I tried a couple of times but he wasn't ready. Then a couple of months before his 3rd birthday he did it pretty much on his own. In about a week he was fully trained with no accidents. Let's hope Madison proves to be as easy as her siblings :)


April said...

Yippee! Fun times at your house. I do hope all goes well for you and Madison. It is no fun to clean up messes. :) She is a smart girl; I bet she'll get the hang of it pretty fast. Good luck and keep us posted about how it goes!