Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Other White Meat!

"Little pieces of chicken"

Yesterday afternoon Matt was going to chop down a small tree in the backyard that just wouldn't grow and was kinda in a weird spot. Well out he went with Caleb in tow. As Matt was chopping ti down little pieces of the bark were flying around. They were laying on the ground and Caleb commented "those look like chicken". It was too funny. The kinda did look like chicken. Once Matt had it almost down he let the kids push it over. After Matt had it down we let Caleb "chop" a little (he was well supervised though). Then he tried to drag it to the street. Well even though it was a small tree he couldn't budge it. It was great watching him try though. Taylor got in at the very end. She isn't much for getting her hands dirty though so she didn't try too hard. She is our girly girl! Here a few pics of the "project".


April said...

Chicken, huh?! Too funny. Looks like quite a project. Those can make such fun memories.