Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oh to be loved!

3 years ago Taylor was praying for a baby sister. (We weren't praying for one however I think her prayers reached God and mine got intercepted by something b/c she got a little sister) Anyway I thought they would be close but I never figured on her and Caleb being close. Madison and Caleb are always together. She does whatever he does and follows him around the house when he is here. I am always catching them doing things together. One day they set up "camp" in my walk-in closet. They had their blankets, toys and snacks all in there too. Another day I caught them lining up all of Caleb's cars in rows. They are too funny together and he is always making sure she is taken care of. She is going to have a hard time next year when he goes off to Kindergarten, I am too :( Here are some pictures of them wrapped in Caleb's blanket one morning after the got up.