Monday, January 28, 2008

The Dentist (not me though this time!)

Our Monday started out busy (this is normal for our life it seems). Taylor and Caleb both had dentist appointments, one at 8 AM and the other at 9 AM. (Not sure what I was thinking when I made these appointments) We have tried to take Caleb before but he always chickens out, I think he is picking up on my absolute fear of the dentist! We went 6 months ago but he just wouldn't open his mouth. I think though after my having all this work done on my mouth the last few weeks he was ready. We had talked to him alot about taking care of your teeth and that mommy hadn't been doing a great job and that was why I had been having to have so much done. I guess he thought he would try again. Anyway, he did great!!!!! He watched Taylor and asked lots of questions while the hygienist worked on Taylor. When it was his turn he hopped in the seat and requested the cherry flavored toothpaste ("I don't like mint flavored" he said) and fluoride treatment. And away they went. He was done in 20 minutes and was smiling away. The dentist said his teeth looked great!! I was so glad especially after my recent expensive dentist appointments. Taylor's teeth looked good too. He did inform us that she still doesn't have her 6 year molars! The child will be 8 in April. He hoped maybe when she came back in 6 months they would be in. She gets teeth slowly which means she loses them slowly. The tooth fairy has only visited our house 2 times so far! They both got to pick from the treasure box and Caleb got 2 things since it was his first time! He thought that was great and Taylor was glad she got to go to school late. The things that make them happy (late to school and toys worth .10 cents) This is Caleb's afterwards with his "reward".


Sara said...

Glad the visits went well for Caleb and Taylor. Laura was very afraid when I took her a couple weeks ago and she was crying before we got into the office. Thankfully she atleast showed them her teeth so they could check for cavities, but we didn't get a polish. I am hoping for next time.

aprillong said...

Impressive! I am glad things went well. Mackenzie had her teeth cleaned for the first time this past November. She watched me go first...actually sat on my tummy while my teeth were being cleaned! She, too, had several questions. We went back about a week later for her appointment and she was very ready. It is a good feeling to know everything is A-OK with our kids, isn't it?!