Friday, January 25, 2008

Broken Heart (Warning this post may cause you to cry)

For days I have tried to decide when and what I would write about a very special boy who died last week after almost a year battling brain cancer. This is someone we have never met in person but feel like we know. We found out about Julian through another blog and have gotten to know him and his family very well considering we have only "talked" through email. They found out he was sick last March and after an operation, chemo and radiation there just wasn't anything left to do. This little boy and his family have taught me so much over the last 9 months. Mimi chose to share her little boy with people all over the world. She had to endure watching her baby suffer and knowing she couldn't "fix it" which is what moms do best. She had to hold him through the rough times and then wasn't able to hold him anymore. She commented that "she heard his first heartbeat and felt his last as she was laying beside him when he finally stopped breathing. I hope to one day get to meet her, she lives in Fort Worth TX so not sure when I will get to meet her but will one day. My kids have loved getting to know JuJu. Caleb and JuJu have birthdays just a few days apart. We have watched lots of videos of him. It was hard to have to tell them that Julian had gone to Heaven. I wrote his just this morning after Caleb and I got through watching his life video. Caleb looked up at me halfway though the video and said "mom what did Julian have again?" I explained cancer as best I could to a 4 year old and we talked about how the Dr's just couldn't make him better though they tried hard. I told him that now Julian was in Heaven and that he wasn't hurting anymore and that he could run and play like he used to before he got sick. Caleb looked up at me and said "yeah, mom. Jesus made him all better b/c that is what Jesus does!" Such wisdom from such a small mind. He then wanted to know if when we get to Heaven could we find Julian b/c he really wants to meet him. Caleb said he just knew it would be fun to play with Julian since they like so many of the same things. I told him without a doubt we would look up Julian when we get to Heaven b/c I too want to meet him and play with him. Please pray for this family as the learn to live without one of their family. They have 3 other little boys. Also remember to hug your kids every chance you get. They are so precious!


Ginger said...

Thanks for sharing that, Holly. A girl I went to Lipscomb with and later went to church with died 2 weeks ago from cancer. She had 2 little boys just like me. I have thought about her constantly for the past few weeks. I know she is happier now where she is, but now there are 2 little boys with no mommy and a dear husband with no wife. It's hard isn't it?

meayla said...

hi,i can empathise as i lost my likkle girly briony to cancer last march she was 3 so my thoghts go out to everyone its a really horrible thing to have to deal with,n yeah i got a ten yr old and a five yr old n telling them was THE hardestt hing i`ve ever had to do x x x x x x