Friday, January 18, 2008

Needles aka stitches

It has been a busy week but a great one! Matt's mom's surgery went great, she is at home recovering. The kids are being super gentle with her. Though Caleb is most interested in the "needles" in her skin. The black stitches kinda stick up on the ends and are sharp so they remind him of needles. (He thought the same thing about the ones my mom has in her knee) He just can't grasp the idea of thread holding your boo-boo together. He thought you needed something stronger. I can't believe he even gave it that much thought.

We are holding out for some snow soon. We hoped we would wake up Thursday morning to some but didn't :( Maybe this weekend. We are going to go shopping for some snow sleds this today, just in case. We checked Walmart but they didn't have any and a nice worker told us that Target had some so we headed there today. Hope they have some! (Though if we actually find them and buy them there will be no snow but if we don't buy some there will be snow, that is just how it works)

Also Taylor starts selling GirlScout cookies today, so if anyone is interested just let us know!! (Who can resist wonderful Girl Scout cookies! Yummy)


Sara said...

We are always happy to buy Girl Scout cookies..tell Taylor she can count me in on some!