Monday, January 7, 2008

Reelfoot Lake

We went to visit my Grandparents last week for 4 days. We had a really great time and it is always good to see them. They don't travel anymore and we can only travel when school is out so we don't get to go real often. The kids love to go though b/c Grandmother cooks all kinds of good things. She made homemade biscuits every morning! Nobody makes biscuits like her. And we use homemade jelly. The kids all have a favorite. It was really cold while we were there so we were stuck inside alot but one day we bundled the kids up and my dad and I took them down to Reelfoot Lake to check out the ice. I have seen the lake many times but never with ice on and around it. I know there have been times when it has looked like but I just hadn't ever seen it. It was really pretty and we got some cool pictures. Madison was not thrilled about standing on the ice by the water. She kept saying "no fall Paw, no fall". I think she might have been a little traumatized by it.