Sunday, December 30, 2007

Aunt Hope

All 3 of my kids have a great relationship with my sister. She doesn't have any kids yet so she has enjoyed spoiling them. Taylor and Caleb always look forward to spending the night with her whenever they can. Taylor says she always gets to do what she wants when she is with Aunt Hope. Madison has yet to spend the night with Aunt Hope. There are many reasons to this. First of all Madison is very attached to me and it is hard to get her to go anywhere without me. Secondly she still sleeps in a crib which Hope doesn't have at her house. Maybe soon she can experience "spending the night with Aunt Hope." She enjoys getting to see Aunt Hope though and Matt got this cute picture of the 2 of them Christmas Day.

These are just a couple of pictures from the day. Taylor was so excited about her Paws Off Diary and Caleb went crazy over his remote controlled spiderman car that Pops gave him. He kept saying "it is what I have always wanted" however he had never even seen it before! Madison was playing with her pretend food that Nana and Pops gave her. She was lining them up in a row just minutes after we took them out of the packages.