Sunday, December 16, 2007

So Much Fun!

Today was a great day aside from Madison waking up on the wrong side of the crib! She was cranky before we ever got to church and I knew there would be no nap as we had plans to attend The Nativity Pageant with some friends from church. I wasn't sure we would end up following through with this activity based on Madison's mood. It improved however. (Must have been the wonderful teachers she has on Sunday morning that put her in a good mood) She actually napped on the way home from church where we hurriedly changed clothes, wolfed down some lunch and got back in the car to head downtown. Upon arriving downtown we found our friends and got settled in some seats. The show was really good and Madison did great considering it was an hour long. (I have yet to find anything that will hold a 2 yr olds attention for more than 10 or 15 minutes) After this was over we decided to try to go see Santa again and get a picture since the first experience wasn't so great. (Madison wouldn't see him and when I carried her close to him she lost it!) Madison fell asleep on the way there so we laid her in Santa's arms and quickly for the other 2 in place. We actually ended up with a pretty good picture. Madison stayed asleep the whole time. (We joked that we hoped she wouldn't wake up in her arms b/c it would be a very traumatic thing for her) The older 2 loved it b/c this Santa has a sleigh and real reindeer. (Caleb commented that they reindeer smelled like poop!) That's my boy! Enjoy our Santa pics!


Sara said...

We also visited Santa and his reindeer and Laura was happy to sit in his lap. It was cute. Glad you told me about it!