Monday, December 24, 2007

Is that Fudge?

Growing up my parents used to do all this homemade baking around the Christmas holidays. My parents would fix up trays of the homemade goodies and give them out to neighbors and people at church. They were always a big hit. In fact my good friend Jennifer used to ask for fudge for Christmas! We haven't been able to give her homemade fudge in many years. (Next time we get together Jennifer I will have my mom make some fudge for me to bring to you.) Anyway in the last few years I have been doing this with my kids. In fact that is what their teachers at church get for Christmas and this year even their school teachers got them. Most of my mom's recipes I can duplicate with no problem but for some reason my fudge never turns out right. I think next year I am buying a candy thermometer and try that route. This year was no exception, everything but the fudge turned out great. Even after trying to harden the fudge in the freezer it still wasn't a cutting consistency. Well my kids found a great way to eat it....with a spoon or their fingers! It tastes great it just isn't in those cute square shapes. Oh well, next year I'll try again. (or maybe just go to the Fudge Factory in Pigeon Forge and buy some that they made!)


Sara said...

I also love fudge whether it is a square or from the spoon! Laura has that little nightgown that Madison is wearing..I loved it for Christmas!

JenniferL. said...

Yes, I did love that fudge. I have gotten pretty good at making my own but it still isn't as good as when someone makes it for you! Hope you all had a good Christmas.