Saturday, December 29, 2007

Trip to Whitehouse TN

On Wednesday we woke up and drove to Whitehouse, TN to visit Matt's brother, his wife Gabby and their 5 kids (Corey-13, Haley-10, Riley-7, Kelsey-4, and Shelby-2). Taylor, Caleb and Madison were so excited! They love getting to see their cousins. Getting them up was a breeze even though it was early (why can't it be that easy on school days?). It is about a 3 hour drive and all 3 kids napped on the way there so they were ready to play when we got there. The kids were eager to see what their cousins got and eager to tell (and show as we brought some of our presents with us) what they got. That afternoon we went outside and got to see our nephew's birthday present. He just turned 13 last month and got a 4 wheeler. The kids were excited about trying it out, well everyone except Madison who was terrified of it. Caleb wasn't as impressed as we thought he would be. Normally he is a daredevil while Taylor is more safe. Well the roles were reversed! Taylor loved it and went all over the fields with Haley while Caleb took a few short circles around the yard and was done. I even rode it! I stuck Madison in front of me and went for a ride. She hated it! (Cried the whole time, I think it was a noise thing for her b/c it is loud especially on little ears). Anyway the best thing about it was Taylor wore a pair of camo coveralls b/c it was cold but she wore them with her bright pink crocs! Gabby got a great picture of it and I can't wait to scrapbook that pages. My girly girl wearing camo and a helmet and riding around on the back of a 4 wheeler. Too funny. Madison had a blast paying with Shelby though and Kelsey. She talked about seeing them for days before going and is still talking about them. Caleb enjoyed getting to play with Kelsey (who is his best friend) and Riley. Caleb and Kelsey are joined at the hip we are together. We are so glad that they are closer to us now and we can make day trips to see them!

Notice the pink crocs in the below picture :)