Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Brunch with Santa

So we had our annual brunch with Santa after Church today. It was lots of fun ans there was some really good food. Taylor and Caleb were so excited to see Santa and tell him what they wanted. We had already sent him letters but a few choices had changed. I told them they might not get the new gifts b/c Santa might have already had the Elves fill their order. (The Santa I tell my kids about is very organized and prepares things ahead of time). :) Anyway I knew Madison wasn't going to like Santa. She likes nobody dressed up with things on their face. How could I tell Santa to shave his beard for the day and then grow it back. I just hoped we cold get somewhere near him to get a picture of all 3 kids. Well the others went up when it was their turn and gave him a longer list of things while Madison hung back and just looked at him. He was giving out Candy canes and we tried that bribe that she could only get the candy from him. She wasn't buying that though. Finally she got close enough to reach out and take the peace offering Santa was handing her: 2 candy canes. She politely told him "thank ye" (that is how she says it) and walked away quickly. In a little bit she took one of the candy canes back to him and laid it at his feet. We guessed it was her "peace offering" so she would still get presents. We tried to tell her to ask him to bring her a kitchen but she wouldn't. Anyway here are a few pics from that experience. (Notice the very grown-up looking girl in blue. It is Taylor who without the smocked dresses and her new short "do" is looking very much like a big girl.)