Friday, December 14, 2007


If I could pick one word to describe this week it would be hectic! We have run non-stop. We had something special going on everyday. I had Bunko this week which I thoroughly enjoyed. I even won a gift (High score). Taylor had her Girl Scout part on Wednesday. This consisted of a pizza party and gift exchange right after school and then carpooling to Build A Bear to stuff some kind of animal. Taylor got a Rudolph whose nose really lights up. He is adorable. She got some pj's for him and a plate of cookies and glass of milk. Then we rushed to church and I mean rushed. The party was over at 6 and we had to fight mall traffic to get home and pick up everyone else to go to church. Thursday Matt had something going on with the guys so he was out for the night. And finally Friday was spent baking for our Small Group Christmas party. We had to bring a side dish and dessert. The food was wonderful and it was great to sit around and talk to other adults. Also the kids had a great time playing together. We had a gift exchange. We ended up with Cinnamon Buns body wash and a holiday dish towel and gingerbread cookie cutter. It was lots of fun. Tomorrow Taylor has to ring the bell at a Salvation Army spot with her Girl Scout Troop. It seems like we are so busy this time of year. Oh yeah, we also have the Nativity Pageant on Sunday. Whew!


aprillong said...

Hey Holly! I've found you...nice to have your blog address now. We had soo much fun last night! I really appreciate you guys coming to the Christmas party. I loved the sweet potato casserole you made! I even had some more of it today for lunch. Fun times. Good memories. Nice friendships. See you tomorrow at church! April Watson